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Season One
Season Premiere January 10, 2019
Season Finale April 11, 2019
Episode Count 13


Season One of Fam premiered on January 10, 2019.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Corinne Kingsbury Scott Ellis January 10, 2019 7.343M 1.2% 101
Clem, a woman whose vision of a perfect life with her adoring fiancé, Nick, and his wonderful family is radically altered when her 16-year-old, out-of-control half-sister, Shannon, unexpectedly comes to live with them.
2 2 Freddy Returns Joe Port &
Joe Wiseman
Victor Gonzalez January 17, 2019 5.997M 0.9% 102
After learning that Clem doesn't plan to invite her father to the wedding, Nick's parents encourage her to ask him over to their home for dinner to help repair their relationship. Also, Nick tries to teach Shannon to be more responsible at home.
3 3 Stealing Time Stephanie Furman Darrow Todd Holland January 24, 2019 6.351M 1% 105
When Clem and Nick find out that Shannon stole Walt's treasured watch, they enlist Freddy to help them get it back from a merciless pawn shop owner.
4 4 It's Been a While Bill Martin &
Mike Schiff
Victor Gonzalez January 24, 2019 5.03M 0.8% 103
Desperate for some private time since Shannon came to live with them, Clem and Nick plan a much-needed afternoon rendezvous that's interrupted when Shannon is sent home from school for breaking the dress code.
5 5 Jolene, Jolene... Don D. Scott Victor Gonzalez January 31, 2019 6.049M 1% 109
After Clem and Nick tell Shannon she can't go to a music festival on a school night, Shannon's long-absent mother, Jolene, comes back into her life and tries to undermine them. Also, Freddy attempts to help matters in an effort to get back in Clem's good graces before the wedding.
6 6 Pregnant Pause Charles Brottmiller Todd Holland February 14, 2019 5.425M 0.8% 106
Irritated that Clem has been invading her privacy, Shannon plays a prank on her that ends up having far-reaching ramifications.
7 7 Drunk in Love Talia Bernstein Victor Gonzalez February 21, 2019 5.579M 0.9% 104
During their engagement party, Clem and Nick are both shocked to learn that the other has been keeping an embarrassing secret about how they met.
8 8 JoJo Returns Joe Port &
Joe Wiseman
Scott Ellis February 28, 2019 5.092M 0.8% 110
When Shannon's bad-news ex-boyfriend, MC DJ JoJo, comes back into her life, Clem and Nick try using reverse psychology to get them to break up.
9 9 Ocean View Guy Endore-Kaiser Todd Holland March 7, 2019 5.681M 0.9% 107
When Clem and Nick run into Nick's ex-girlfriend at their hotel during a romantic weekend, Clem is upset to learn that Nick and his ex once lived together - in the same apartment they live in now. Also, Shannon's friend tries to persuade her to throw a big party while Clem and Nick are away.
10 10 Dance Dance Resolution Bill Martin &
Mike Schiff
Scott Ellis March 14, 2019 5.764M 0.9% 111
After Freddy begins seeing Rose for therapy after an incident at work, he inadvertently finds himself trying to connect with Clem more. Also, Walt and Shannon try to help Nick get over his fear of his first wedding dance with Clem.
11 11 Party Girl Darrin Bragg Victor Gonzalez March 14, 2019 4.546M 0.7% 108
Clem feels her former "fun" life slipping away after attending Shannon's school's Open House and joining the PTA, and decides to liven up the low-key bachelorette party she originally asked for.
12 12 Say Mess to the Dress Allison Gilbert Scott Ellis April 4, 2019 4.791M 0.7% 112
When Clem's mother-in-law, Rose, asks her to wear her old wedding dress, Clem is touched, but afraid to tell her it's not her style. Also, Nick tries to prove his athleticism by taking Ben's advanced spin class.
13 13 This Is Fam Corinne Kingsbury Scott Ellis April 11, 2019 4.929M 0.8% 113
Clem's father surprises her with video left by her deceased mother for her wedding day. Also, Clem and Nick run into trouble getting their marriage license the day before their wedding.