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Back to the Pilot
Season 10, Episode 5
Airdate November 13, 2011
Production Number 9ACX08
Written by Mark Hentemann
Directed by
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Family GuySeason Ten

Back to the Pilot is the fifth episode of the tenth season of Family Guy, and the one hundred seventy-sixth episode overall.


Plot Overview

Syewie and Brian travel back time(specifically to the Pilot episode of the series)in Stewies Time Machine.The purpose for this is so that Brian can make a mental note as to the place where he years earlier had buried.They arrive at the exact place,and time.They both comment on how different,yet the same they all looked.After discovering where Brian buried a Baseball,he,and Stewie prepare to head back to the future.But,getting back to their time proves both difficult,and frustrating as one problem after another impedes their efforts to not only get back to their own time,but to prevent any change in the time line.They eventually get back,but not before they,and especially Brian pay a painful price.


Arc Advancement


Brian,and Stewie noticing the Family standing around after someone makes a comment.Stewie comments on Peters eye going over his nose.Brian attempting to hang on to the Window ledge,but falls on top of Peters Car as Peter spends away.Stewie calls upon all of the other Stewies,and Brians,and one Peter to get back into their Time Devices and leave.

===Characters===Stewie Brian Peter Lois Meg Chris,and Quagmire.


Nearly every scene in this episode is from the Pilot Episode.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and Refernces

Memorable Moments

Stewie hides under his Bed when his past self enters the Room.He is discovered.The Griffin Family all sit around waiting after the cut-away.Brian preventing the Terrorist from Hijacking one of the Planes on September 11,2001,and using his own catch phrases.Stewie shows Brian the results of altering the past.Cleveland returning to Spooner Street uses a small machine gun to fight his way to his old House.Joe,now a Terminatorlike Cyborg shoots a Frog version of Quagmire.


Brian:"time to terrorize the terrorist".