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Stuck Together, Torn Apart
Season 3, Episode 19
Airdate January 31, 2002
Production Number 3ACX10
Written by Mark Hentemann
Directed by Michael Dante DiMartino
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Family GuySeason Three
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Stuck Together, Torn Apart is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Family Guy, and the forty-seventh episode overall.

In this episode, Peter and Lois agree to a trial separation after quarreling over Lois' old boyfriend, with whom she has become reunited. Also, Brian and Stewie (literally) have to stick together, thanks to industrial-strength glue that binds their hands together.

Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis

Also Starring: Mike Barker, Johnny Brennan, Gary Cole, Chris Cox, Mike Henry (Cleveland Brown), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Herself), Meredith Scott Lynch, Danny Smith, Nicole Sullivan, Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson)


Plot Overview

While the family shops at CostMart, Lois runs into her old high school boyfriend, Ross Fishman. The two meet for dinner, which upsets Peter to the point where he borrows Joe's surveillance van to spy on them. Despite having nothing to worry about (both Ross and Lois are married), Peter causes trouble when he gets ahold of Ross' old "little black book." Lois becomes fed up, so she makes Peter come with her to get marriage counseling.

After viewing a videotape of the Griffins' highly chaotic and dysfunctional family life, the therapist recommends that Peter and Lois go on a trial separation, which they reluctantly do. Peter moves out of the house and stays with Cleveland - and when that doesn't work out (because Cleveland and Loretta are fighting), the Goldmans - to sort out his thoughts. Mort helps arrange Peter a date with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt; it is explained (for storyline purposes only) that Jennifer is Mort's niece. Meanwhile, Lois agrees to date Quagmire (despite his past reputation).

At a fancy restaurant, Peter acts like a fool, which disgusts Jennifer; the last straw comes when he excuses himself to go to the restroom and, after failing to wash his hands after relieving himself, takes all the bread and tries to spoon feed Jennifer. However, Jennifer decides (somehow) that she likes this disgusting, uncouth behavior and starts making out with Peter. Lois - who is seated with Quagmire at a table across the restaurant - flies into a jealous rage and runs Jennifer off. Lois and Peter make up and realize that both of them are very protective of each other and prone to jealousy when someone else enters the picture and, justified or not, might threaten the relationship.

In the end, Quagmire sits next to Jennifer at the bar and buys her a roofie coloda.


While shopping at CostMart, Stewie tries to eat the contents of a bottle of industrial-strength glue. Brian sees this and stops Stewie from eating the potentially deadly adhesive. However, both of their hands become instantly joined. The two spend the next week trying to hide their predicament - and drive each other crazy - until a solvent to dissolve the glue arrives.

Moments after applying the solvent arrives, Brian and Stewie happen upon a well where a little girl is trapped. Despite the fact that a man with arms long enough to reach into the well and rescue the girl is nearby, he is too busy tickling what appears to be a young boy, who is hiding in a tall tree. Brian and Stewie are forced to work together to rescue the girl, and successfully do so just before the glue finally dissolves. Just after Brian and Stewie walk away (holding hands, natch), the girl is revealed to be ... a midget woman, and the boy the long-armed man was tickling was her husband, also an adult. The girl is thrown back into the well, the husband jumps in after her, and the long-armed man resumes his tickling.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Costco - The CostMart store is based on the national warehouse club store chain.
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer and Party of Five - Jennifer Love Hewitt mentions these shows during her date with Peter.
  • Jessica McClure - The "girl stuck in a well" gag is based on the real-life incident of McClure (then 2) becoming trapped in a narrow well.
  • Peanuts - One of Peter's old girlfriends is Peppermint Patty, who (now an adult) is living with Marcie as a lesbian couple.
  • Silence of the Lambs - Stewie's remark, "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again", is taken from the 1991 psychological thriller.

Memorable Moments