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The Juice Is Loose!
Season 7, Episode 9
Airdate March 15, 2009
Written by Andrew Goldberg
Directed by Cyndi Tang
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The Juice Is Loose! is the ninth episode of the seventh season of Family Guy, and the one hundred twentieth episode overall.

The episode centers on former NFL star, actor — and later, acquitted murder suspect — O.J. Simpson moving in with the Griffin family, and the resulting fallout with the people of Quahog.

Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry

Also Starring: Lori Alan (Diane Simmons), Jeff Bergman (), Johnny Brennan (Mort Goldman), Reid Bruton (), Max Burkholder (), Cathy Cahlin Ryan (), Augie Castagnola (), Ralph Garman (), Jules Green (), Virenia Lind (), Danny Smith (), Alec Sulkin (), John Viener (), Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson), Adam West (Mayor Adam West)


Plot Overview

Lois is out for the evening, and has asked Peter to watch Stewie. Peter, however, invites Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire over for a teen-age girl-type slumber party. As Quagmire and Cleveland male kiss during a game of "Truth or Dare," Stewie's television loses its satellite signal, and when Peter refuses to fix it, Stewie goes up onto the roof to fix it himself. However, Stewie accidentally locks himself outside and is stranded on the roof. Lois comes home and makes Peter get Stewie down. While doing so, Peter finds a winning raffle ticket from 1989, which could be redeemed for an opportunity to play golf with former NFL running back O.J. Simpson.

After his ticket is somehow redeemed, Peter is told that Simpson was accused of and acquitted of a double murder — he had been previously unaware — causing him to grow fearful of what might happen to him when the two are alone. His friends recommend spying on Simpson during the game to get him to confess his crime, but Simpson quickly grows wise. But instead of going after Peter, Simpson laments about how he'll always have the stigma of being accused of a double homicide. Peter decides that Simpson is innocent and asks him to move in... much to the other's chagrin.

Peter pleads with his family to accept Simpson for who he is. Midway through the scene, Peter says, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty," cutting to a three-minute live-action clip of Twitty singing "I See the Want-To in Your Eyes." When the clip concludes, the other Griffins have somehow cheerfully decided that Simpson is innocent and agreed to allow Simpson to stay.

Simpson and the Griffins manage to live together without major conflicts. However, there was a kitchen accident where Simpson — unable to fit an oven mitt on his hand — drops a hot pan of lasanga on the kitchen floor and Lois slips on it, briefly knocking her unconscious; initially, it had appeared that Lois had been stabbed to death, since she had dropped a large cutting knife when she fell.

The rest of Quahog learns that Simpson is living in the city. When Peter tries to throw a house party to get everyone to know Simpson, an angry mob charges at the Griffins' home, intent on driving Simpson away. Simpson responds with an emotional speech about how, just like everyone else, he is not perfect. Shortly after the residents of Quahog apologize, Simpson snaps for no apparent reason, takes out a large knife and kills three people. He then runs off, with the mob going after him. Peter declares, "I guess he did do it."


  • An opening title card presents a claim that this episode was one of several "lost episodes found in the Griffins' basement," and that the story takes place in March 2007.

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The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Hee Haw — A live action clip from a circa 1975 show features country music singer Conway Twitty singing his then-recent hit, "I See the Want-To In Your Eyes." Unlike previous Twitty clips, the outtake included in this episode features a full performance of the song.
  • O.J. Simpson:
    • O. J. Simpson: Juice on the Loose — The episode's title takes its name from the 1974 sports documentary on then-Buffalo Bills star running back O.J. Simpson.
    • O.J. Simpson murder trial — Several elements of the crime, as depicted during the televised trial, are spoofed. Most notable is the kitchen scene, where Simpson attempts to fit an undersized oven mitt onto his hand.

Memorable Moments