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Premiere February 14, 1995
Finale May 8, 1996
Creator Michael Caulfield,
Tony Cavanaugh,
Simone North
Network/Provider Seven Network
Style 60-minute drama
Company Beyond Productions Pty Ltd
Seasons 2
Episodes 26
Origin Australia

Fire is a fast-paced Australian action/drama series set around the lives and adventures of a team of firefighters working in the city of Brisbane. To these men and women, fire is not just about the flames, but a way of life, friendship and trust as strong as any blood- family. The initiation for any new recruit is tough and any moment of misjudgement, hesitation or fear could cost a life - that of a fellow fire fighter.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2
Andy Anderson John "Repo" Kennedy * *
Liddy Clark Det. Sgt Jean Diamond * *
Shane Feeney-Connor David "Giraffe" Simpson *
Deborra-Lee Furness Dolores Kennedy * *
Aaron Jeffery Richard "Banjo" Gates *
Tayler Kane Louis "Grievous" Fazio * *
Georgie Parker Morgan "Mad Dog" Cartwright *
Peter Phelps Nick "The Boss" Connor *
Max Phipps Edward "Dinosaur" Spence *
Wayne Pygram Quentin "Spit" Jacobsen * *
Danny Adcock Danny "Nugget" Hunt *
Tottie Goldsmith Marilyn "Tex" Perez *
Fiona MacGregor Greta "Garbo" Fazio *
Robert Morgan Peter "TNT" Thompson *
Damian Pike Montgomery "Seldom" Webber *
Damian Rice Martin "Mary" Hawthorne *
Supporting/Recurring Cast 1 2
John Heywood Det. Sen. Sgt. Ron Chandler *
Andrew McKaige Det. Henri Aldridge *
Wayne Cull Det. Vlad Hadzic *
Norman Steiner Al *
Sean Scully Dr. David Crown *
Daniel Roberts Ted Cartwright *
Anne Tenney Anne Risdale *
Genevieve Picot Sophie Harrison *
Kym Gyngell Jimmy Runyon *
Angela Punch McGregor Dr. Pru Eberhardt *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Seven Network
Season One February 14, 1995 May 9, 1995 13
Season Two February 14, 1996 May 9, 1996 13


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region 4)
The Complete First Season April 19, 2007 4
The Complete Second Season September 13, 2007 4

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