For Heaven's Sake/Season One

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Season One
For Heaven's Sake
Season Release March 4, 2021
Episode Count 8

Season One of For Heaven's Sake was released on March 4, 2021.


# # Title
1 1 The Disappearance
Mike and Jackson dig into why Harold left so quickly with his rifle, wearing a suit and dress shoes, while leaving the door open and an lamp burning. The more they dig, the stranger the theories get.
2 2 The Road Workers
In the 1930s, workers came to the Minden area to build a highway - many of the workers had just left prison. Mike and Jackson explore a theory about the workers' involvement in Harold's disappearance.
3 3 The Neighbor
The trail leads Mike and Jackson to suspect Harold's neighbours of foul play. Using ground-penetrating equipment, they investigate a suspicious bump in the nearby forest that could blow the case open.
4 4 The Town
Mike and Jackson wonder if the local townspeople closed ranks to protect Harold Heaven’s killer. They interview descendants of Harold’s neighbours to hear what they remember about the case.
5 5 The Man
Mike and Jackson discover that Harold, a bachelor and loner, had a close friend. They question whether there could have been more to the relationship and what that could potentially mean for the case.
6 6 The Lead
A new clue reveals a potential break in the case, leading Mike and Jackson to investigate a private lake.
7 7 The Lake
Several months have passed since Mike and Jackson stood on the frozen lake where they believe Harold could be is resting. It's summer, and a search for the body begins along the bottom of the lake.
8 8 The Dig
After scans of the bump in the forest show that a body may be buried there, Mike and Jackson decide to dig into the pile of rocks. What they find surprises everyone.