For the People (2018)/Season One

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Season One
For the People (2018)
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Season Premiere March 13, 2018
Season Finale May 22, 2018
Episode Count 10
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Season Two

Season One of For the People premiered on March 13, 2018.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Paul William Davies Tom Verica March 13, 2018 3.22M 0.8% 101
Lawyers will be put to the test both personally and professionally as their lives intersect in and out of America's most prestigious trial court.
2 2 Rahowa Donald Todd Mark Tinker March 20, 2018 2.686M 0.6% 102
The six young lawyers are even more determined to bring home wins and prove they are worthy of The Mother Court, as they tackle their second round of cases. Jay must set aside his personal feelings as he defends a client with controversial beliefs, and Sandra's idealism leads to an important lesson.
3 3 18 Miles Outside of Roanoke Eli Attie Tom Verica March 27, 2018 3.502M 0.9% 103
Sandra and Kate go head-to-head on a high-profile case involving a young woman accused of leaking classified information, but they learn to find common ground in their fight for justice and pursuit of the common good. Allison struggles to make a case for her client as the courts look to new technology to avoid bias, and Leonard seeks professional legitimacy at the cost of a personal relationship.
4 4 The Library Fountain Liz Craft &
Sarah Fain
Nzhinga Stewart April 3, 2018 2.76M 0.8% 104
After Seth learns that the people of his hometown and former elementary school in Lincoln, Nebraska, have become seriously ill due to groundwater contamination, he becomes invested in seeking justice, potentially jeopardizing the future of his career. Sandra, Jay and Allison assist Jill with a potential murder case, but as they grow skeptical of their client, Jill only grows more passionate.
5 5 World's Greatest Judge Zahir McGhee Andrew Bernstein April 10, 2018 2.666M 0.6% 105
Judge Byrne finds himself at a crossroads in his career when he presides over a case that requires a disproportionate mandatory minimum sentence. Allison represents a charming defendant in a fraud case while on duty for the first time, and Leonard struggles to decide whether or not to bring charges against a political figure.
6 6 Everybody's a Superhero Michelle Lirtzman P.J. Pesce April 17, 2018 2.035M 0.5% 106
Allison defends a man accused of stealing supplies intended for victims of a devastating island hurricane and goes up against Celia Chavez, a tough Assistant U.S. Attorney for whom losing is not an option. Sandra defends a peculiar client accused of assault, but with an altered view of reality and on the other side, Kate is being sought after by an ATF agent in need of legal advice for an unlikely suspect.
7 7 Have You Met Leonard Knox? Paul William Davies Daisy Mayer May 1, 2018 2.179M 0.6% 107
Leonard is forced to confront some longstanding insecurities when his new high-stakes case leads him to question what is right and what is wrong. Sandra goes head-to-head with Seth who files charges against a daring comedian accused of threatening a U.S. president's life; and Jay defends a tennis player accused of intentionally throwing a match to help his coach win a bet he placed against him.
8 8 Flippity-Flop Karine Rosenthal Nicole Rubio May 8, 2018 2.045M 0.5% 108
Jill and Roger's complicated friendship is tested when they finally square off over a DEA raid that left an inmate clinging to life. Meanwhile, Kate is assigned to an animal smuggling case involving the death of an endangered panda; and Jay's emotions are thrust into a case when he learns his trusting father was a victim in a pyramid scheme.
9 9 Extraordinary Circumstances Celia Finkelstein Steph Green May 15, 2018 1.945M 0.5% 109
Sandra goes the extra mile for a client when she goes up against the FBI and ends up in one of the most unexpected and compromising situations of her young career. Meanwhile, Roger assigns Kate, Seth and Leonard to work on a highly sensitive case after receiving a tip alleging that the governor of New York is trying to illegally sell a seat in the Senate.
10 10 This Is What I Wanted to Say Paul William Davies Tom Verica May 22, 2018 2.371M 0.5% 110
Sandra defends a hydrologist accused of spying for the Chinese government, but the similarities between this and a former case she lost has her confidence shaken. Meanwhile, Jay faces his fears and goes up against Kate in a case involving a PTA president accused of selling drugs to students; and Allison receives a tempting proposition from her wine-forger client and Leonard reaches out to Kate for advice that culminates with a surprising confession.

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