Frederator Studios

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Frederator Studios
Founded January 6, 1997
President Fred Seibert (founder)
Notable Works The Fairly OddParents
Adventure Time

Frederator Studios is an American animation studio founded in 1997 by Fred Seibert, with its first series Oh Yeah! Cartoons rolling out in 1998.


List of shows produced by Frederator Studios

Title Format Network Years
Oh Yeah! Cartoons Animated anthology Nickelodeon 1998–2001
The Fairly OddParents Animated comedy Nickelodeon 2001–2017
Chalk Zone Animated fantasy adventure Nickelodeon 2002–2008
My Life as a Teenage Robot Animated sci-fi comedy Nickelodeon 2003–2005
Nicktoons 2008–2009
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Animated comedy Nickelodeon 2006–2010
Random! Cartoons Animated anthology Nicktoons 2008–2009
Fanboy and Chum Chum Animated comedy Nickelodeon 2009–2014
Adventure Time Animated fantasy adventure comedy Cartoon Network 2010–2018
Bravest Warriors Animated comedy Cartoon Hangover 2012–2017
VRV 2017–present
Castlevania Horror anime Netflix 2017–present

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