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Founded September 17, 1977
President Tara Duncan
Company The Walt Disney Company
Notable Series The Fosters
Young & Hungry
Former Names CBN Satellite Service (1977-81)
CBN Cable Network (1981-88)
The CBN Family Channel (1988-90)
The Family Channel (1990-98)
Fox Family (1998-2001)
ABC Family (2001-16)

"The Family Channel" redirects here - for the similar named Canadian channel, see Family'

Freeform is an American basic cable television network, currently owned by Disney. It can be seen in over 88 million households worldwide, and has several original programming series, as well as original movies and acquired programs.



Freeform was originally founded in 1977 as "CBN Satellite Service", which gradually changed to "The Family Channel". In 1998 the rights were purchased by the News Corp., which re-named it "Fox Family". Fox Family was sold to the The Walt Disney Company, the owner of ABC, in 2001, and the channel properly renamed "ABC Family".


  • Program Listing: A complete listing of shows that aired new episodes on Freeform.

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