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Island of the Darned
Season 2, Episode 11
Airdate November 26, 1966
Production Number 044
Written by Buck Henry (teleplay)
William Raynor (teleplay & story)
Myles Wilder (teleplay & story)
Directed by Gary Nelson
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Get SmartSeason Two

Guest Stars: Fabian Dean (Delivery Man), Stacy Keach (Carlson), Charles Horvath (Igor), Harold Gould (Hans Hunter)


Plot Overview

Max,and 99 are assigned to look for,and bring in Hans Hunter,a crazed KAOS Man.After a fellow Agents body is delivered to CONTROL Headquarters,stuffed like an Animal in a crate,Max demands to be sent to find Hunter.The Chief gives Max the go ahead.With the help of 99,both where able locate the Island of Hans Hunter.They are captured before they could arrest him.Hunter' intent is to make Max,and 99 his latest quarry for the Hunt which he had already planned.He knew that CONTROL would send one of their Agent to try apprehend him.He figures that it would be Max.He offers 99 an opportunity to live if she is willing to join KAOS.99 of course declines.She,and Max will take their chances with the Hunt.Will Max,and 99 survives Hans Hunter,and his henchmen?With a secret weapon developed by CONTROL Doctor Carlson,Max,and 99 have more than a chance to survive.