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Gilligan Gets Bugged
Season 2, Episode 13
Airdate December 16, 1965
Written by Jack Gross, Jr. and
Michael R. Stein
Directed by Gary Nelson
Produced by Sherwood Schwartz
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Don't Bug the Mosquitoes
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Gilligan's IslandSeason Two
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Gilligan Gets Bugged is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Gilligan's Island, and the forty-ninth episode overall.

Starring: Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale (Skipper)

Also Starring: Jim Backus (Thurston J. Howell III), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell)

and Also Starring: Tina Louise (Ginger Grant)

with Russell Johnson (The Professor), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann)


Plot Overview

While building himself a Bathtub,Gilligan gets bitten by an insect described as green wuth big yelloe wings.Worried that it could proved fatal to Gilligan,the Skipper tells the Professor.The Professor looks into his Medical Book given the description of the insect.The Professor says that this type of bug is from a family of insects that once the victim is bitten,that victim has 24 hours to live,provided the victim suffers from the three major symptoms:ackes,and pains in the joint,lost of appetite,and constant itching.Being told this,The Skipper goes to check on Gilligan.Still building the Bathtub,Gilligan hits his hand by accident with a hammer.screaming with pain.The Skipper hearing Gilligan scream assumes the first symptom.He reports this to the Professor.The Professor says that this only the first,as long as he isn't affected with the other two,he is safe from dying.The Skipper wants to check to see if he has the other two.The Professor advises against running to check everytime Gilligan might be infected,because it might suspicious to Gilligan.If Gilligan is infected,they do not want to worry,and panic him.So,The Skipper asks Ginger,and Mary Ann to casually look in on Gilligan.Reluctantly,the women go to check on Gilligan on the pretence of bringing him a pie,Coconut Cream,Gilligans favorite.Gilligan takes a break in building his Bathtub.He snack on dozens of Bananas.He then lays in his Bathtub to try it out to see if it is long enough.Mary Ann,and Ginger seeing Gilligan laying there screams scaring Gilligan out of the Bathtub.They thought it was a coffin,and that Gilligan was dead.They present Gilligan with a pie,but he isn't hungry(having eat so many Bananas).They give him the pie anyway,and leave when Gilligan wants to lay in his Bathtub again.When Mary Ann,and Ginger ,Gilligan confused by their behavior accidently drops the pie on the ground.They report his unwilligness to eat to the Skipper.Skipper fearing that if Gilligan is infected with the last sympton,he is a gonner.He sends The Howells to check on Gilligan.The Howells are to act nonchallone when approaching Gilligan.At this time,Gilligan is scratching himself.The pie that Gilligan had dropped has attracted ants that crawling in,and around the pie.They are also crawling on Gilligan.The Howells see Gilligan scrathing,and despite Loveys slip of the tongue,in not letting Gilligan know about his condition,Thurston quickly covers nicely,and leave.Convinced that Gilligan has all three symptoms,the castaways try to figure out how to make Gilligans last hours happy.They decide to throw him,a surprize party.At the party,while Gilligan is lighting candles for his party,the others decide to sing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow".Their hearts are not into singing when they start,and each castaway walks away,leaving Gilligan confused again.The following Day,the Professor seaches his Medical Book for a possible cure to Gilligans condition.He finds it,and can make enough serum to save Gilligan.Unfortunenately,he might not be able to make enough for the other castaways.The professor had also found that the insect that had bitten Gilligan travels in many species.It is most likely that within 24 hour each one of the castaways will also be bitten.Working together to collect various plants,and covering themselves with netting so as to avoid getting bit,everyone of the castaways are bitten.They all run to the Professor for the serum.But,the Professor still does not have all the ingredients since the the others had not collected the plants needed for the serum.The following day everyone but the Professor sit around the dinner table worrying about their fates.The Professor comes out of his Hut with the green,and yellow insect that had bitten all of the castaways.The Professor had put sugar on his arm to attract the insect.Reason,to try an experiment.He found that the insect that had bitten everybody is a member of a Family of insects that is not poisonous at all.He found this out from his Medical Book on various species.So,everybody will live.Everyone is estatic.Later,Gilligan is found taking a bath in his newly built Bathtub,with his toy ships.The Skipper comes along finds him playing when the very same insect which had bitten him lands on his neck.The insect buzzes around ,and drops dead 24 hours after he bites Gilligan.


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