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Not Guilty
Season 2, Episode 16
Airdate January 6, 1966
Written by Roland MacLane
Directed by Stanley Z. Cherry
Produced by Sherwood Schwartz
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You've Been Disconnected
Gilligan's IslandSeason Two
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Not Guilty is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Gilligan's Island, and the fifty-second episode overall.

Starring: Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale (Skipper)

Also Starring: Jim Backus (Thurston J. Howell III), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell)

and Also Starring: Tina Louise (Ginger Grant)

with Russell Johnson (The Professor), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann)


Plot Overview

Another crate washes on the Shore.The Skipper,and Gilligan happily opens the crate,hoping it would be Food,anything but Coconuts.What they find when they open it,Coconuts.The Coconuts are wrapped around newspaper.What they discover written in the Newspaper are Headlines concerning The Castaways.The Headlines are about the murder of one Randolf Blake,a Man that each of the five Castaways were aquainted with just prior to setting sail on The Minnow.The Newspaper accuses one of the five Castaways of murdering Randolf Blake.The Skipper,and Gilligan decide not to mention this to the others.They try to figure out who it could be.To get the answer,they go to each of the five Castaways.They start with The Professor.They no sooner enter his Hut than they see his new invention...A Guillitine.The Professor tells them that the Guillitine is for chopping Coconuts.He demonstrates his new invention.Gilligan suddenly gets a sore throat which the Professor can cure,but both Gilligan,and Skipper leave promply.In semi-shock after seeing the Professors Guillitine,Gilligan comes out of it.Convinced that The Professor is the murderer,Gilligan wants to warn Ginger,and Mary Ann about The Professor.The Skipper is still not convinced that The Professor is the murderer,but he agrees to talk to the women.As they are about to tell them about the Blake murder,they discover that Mary Ann,and Ginger are cooking poison.The purpose is to get rid of the mice around their Hut.This relief to both The Skipper,and Gilligan...until Mary Ann says that if it works,they are going to get rid of some other horrible creatures as well.Gilligan is more scared than ever now.When he,and The Skipper get back to their Hut,Gilligan begins to barricade the Door.The Skipper is still not convinced of either The Professor,Ginger,and MaryAnn's guilt.But then Gilligan reminds the Skipper that all the Castaways were strangers before they all set sail on The Minnow.Even The Howell although socially wealthy,and publicly known,the crew hardly knew them.The Newspaper report that Blake had been killed with a spear.They begin to suspect The Howells.They go to The Howells Hut at night when they are sleeping to look for any evidence of guilt.The Skipper discovers that Mr.Howell owns a gun.The Howells soon discover both Gilligan,and Skipper in their Hut.They explain that they thought they saw a wild animal come into their Hut.They then leave.Unknown to The Skipper he drops the Newspaper clipping on the Howells floor.That same night both Gilligan,and Skipper go over who the murderer of Randolf Blake is.They begin to suspect each other.They both will spin that same night sleeping with clubs in their hands.Gilligan's club is bigger.By morning,they both confess their suspicions about each other.They apologize to each other.The Skipper discovers the Newspaper clipper missing,and worries about the murderer discovering it.They run from their Hut,and hide.Soon the other castaways discover the clipping.The Howells,and the women all go to The Professor,who like Gilligan,and Skipper sees his Guillitine,and suspect the worst.When the women shows The Professor the News clipping,he now understands the strange behavior of his fellow Castaways.He cannot believe that any of them is capable of murder.His advice is to not be suspicious.The Women agree,as does The Skipper,Gilligan,and The Howells all of whom were hiding in The Professors Hut.Some time goes by,and the seven Castaways,and Crew are still frightened.To end their suspicions once,and for all,each of the five Castaways recall the last time that they spoke to Randolf Blake.Each admits they had a confrotation with Blake,and each admitted they did not kill him.To solve the murder of Randolf Blake,the Castaways agree to reanact the scene with Gilligan playing Blake.After each Castaway confronts Gilligan/Blake,the murder is still unsolved.The Skipper says that they the five will have to come in again until the crime is solved.Gilligan disagrees,and slams the door as The Skipper leaves.Gilligans slamming the Door solves the crime.Randolf Blakes death was as a result of the slamming of the Door which had triggered the speargun to shoot.This is a relief,especially to Gilligan.The following while they are listening to the Radio,the news about Randolfe Blake murder has been solved.Just as the Castaways had solved the murder so the news report confims it.


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The look on Giligan's face after discovering The Professors Guillitine.