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Take a Dare
Season 3, Episode 16
Airdate January 2, 1967
Production Number 1625-0504
Written by Roland MacLane
Directed by Stanley Z. Cherry
Produced by Sherwood Schwartz
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Gilligan's IslandSeason Three
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Take a Dare is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Gilligan's Island, and the eighty-fourth episode overall.

Starring: Bob Denver (Gilligan), Alan Hale (Skipper)

Also Starring: Jim Backus (Thurston J. Howell III), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell)

and Also Starring: Tina Louise (Ginger Grant)

with Russell Johnson (The Professor), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann)

Special Guest Star: Strother Martin (George Barkley)


Plot Overview

Gilligan is listening to a Radio Program called"Take a Dare".It is a show where the Take a Dare people drop a contestant on a deserted Island leaving him with only the clothes on his back,and a CB Radio so as to keep in close contact with the Take a Dare people.The purpose for this is to see if any Contestant can stay on the Island without any help from anybody.If the Contestant survives,then he will $10,000.00.The Contestant must be Self-Reliant,and alone.So,they drop off George Barkley on a Deserted Island,but he is not alone.He was dropped off on the same Island as the Castaways.They become unaware of it for some time until they discover Barkley talking to the Take a Dare people,and try to expose him.They do not succeed.After several more attempts at trying to let people know that they are on the Island with Barkley,Barkley destroys the Radio that he brought with him on the Island.The Take a Dare people will be arriving the next day to pick him up.The Castaways aware of this will each be on a separate part of the Island to keep a look out for the Boat that will pick up Barkley.If anybody sees the Boat,they are to yell to alert the others,and gather at the sight where the Boat will be.Each Castaway keeps a sharp look out for the Rescue Boat,except for Gilligan.He is atop a Palm Tree watching...a Helicopter take off.As the Helicopter flies further,and further away the Skipper asks Gilligan why he did'nt say anything.Gilligan recalls them saying that if a Boat shows that he should call out,They said nothing about a Helicopter.Later,while the Castaways gather back at the clearing,they listen to the Radio as Barkley is signing an Advidavid claiming that he had no help while being on the Island,At first the Castaways are shocked,and outraged that Barkley is getting away with his lie.But,as the Castaways are listening further,they learn that the Radio given to Barkley for him to keep close contact with Civilization(to which he threw over a cliff) had a secrt bottom panel.and within that panel was his $10,000.00.On the Radio,the Castaways can hear Barkley's self-disappointed sie.The Castaways shock then turns to joy,and laughter.


The Castaways getting the last laugh,upon hearing that the Radio to which George Barkley brought with him that he threw over a cliff destroying it,had a secret panel,and inside that panel was the prize money that Barkley wanted to win so badly.

Arc Advancement


Gilligan is fishing while listening to the Radio Program,"Take a Dare".Barkley steals the fish left in the Pale by Gilligan.Barkley steal various other items belonging to the Castaways.The Skipper,and Gilligan searching for the stolen items ,and discovers Barkley talking on the Radio.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Ginger trying to seduce Barkley into giving up the Transmitter.The Howells making several attempts to bribe Barkley into giving up the Transmitter that he took off the Radio so as to prevent the Contest people from learning that he is not alone on the Island.Each of the Castaways taking a position as look out on a different part of the Island.