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Gilmore Girls/Ballrooms and Biscotti

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Ballrooms and Biscotti
Season 4, Episode 1
Airdate September 23, 2003
Production Number 176151
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino
Directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino
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Those Are Strings, Pinocchio
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The Lorelais' First Day at Yale
Gilmore GirlsSeason Four

Guest Stars: Michael Winters (Taylor Doose), Jackson Douglas (Jackson Melville), Sally Struthers (Babette Dell), Ted Rooney (Morey Dell)


Plot Overview

Warp speed. The Gilmore girls cram one-and-a-half weeks of activities into three days so Rory can attend Yale orientation. But Luke wins the Road Runner contest. He got married during a summer cruise -- and now he's getting divorced.

Lorelai and Rory arrive back from their summer in Europe. The first day back the spend wandering around Stars Hollow, visiting friends and distributing the gifts from Europe. Lorelai forgot something for Luke so Lorelai gets some jam from Jackson and tries to pass it off as special french jam. Taylor has chosen Rory as the figure head for the opening of his new old fashioned soda shop, but she refuses to participate, saying she doesn't have enough time before she has to leave for Yale.

After arriving back home, Rory discovers that she was wrong about the first day of Yale. She doesn't have a week and a day to prepare, she has a day to prepare. Lorelai and Rory rush around town the next day trying to complete the tasks on their list in a day. Rory has to go to Friday night dinner with her grandparents, but Lorelai skips, staying home to pack for Rory and telling Rory to rush through dinner and get right back to Stars Hollow.

Luke loans Lorelai his truck and is helping her pack when he confesses that during the cruise over the summer he proposed Nicole. And she accepted. And they got married. And they are getting divorced. He's pretty sure the rocking of the boat and the good food had something to do with it.

Emily traps Rory in the house, making Friday night dinner last and last, before finally sitting down with Rory to watch taped ballroom dancing finals.

Rory makes a desperate call for help to Lorelai from the kitchen and Lorelai rushes over and has a confrontation with Emily. The jet lag hits and Lorelai ends up sitting on the couch with Rory, watching taped ballroom dancing finals while Emily sleeps in the chair.


1 Sandinistas in France (Credits).

2 Buh-buh-buh.

3 Travelogues; ice cream queen.

4 Need for Speed.

5 Long dinner, short marriage.

6 End Credits.


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