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Premiere September 8, 1975
Finale November 26, 1975
Creator Bill Carruthers
Host Jim Lange
Network CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Carruthers Corporation
Warner Bros. Television
Episodes 60
Origin USA

Give-N-Take was a game show airing on CBS's daytime line-up.

Four contestants (all female, usually) sit at individual kiosks encircling a lighted set resembling eight flower petals. In the middle is a large, red arrow. Each contestant is spotted an initial prize. A prize the contestants will vie for is shown and described and then host Jim Lange asks a question. Whoever answers correctly manipulates the arrow, which is put in a spinning clockwise motion. The contestant hits a plunger, stopping the motor running the arrow and allowing it to slow down to a stop on its own. If the arrow stops on her or any of the empty lighted areas, she may accept the prize or give it or any other prize acquired along the way to an opponent. The object here is to be the closest to $5000 in prizes without going over. In the game's early stages, the contestant will accept prizes.

If the arrow stops on any of the other three opponents, then the contestant on which the arrow stops accepts or gives the prize away. Prizes continue to be announced and play resumes as such. Once a player has exceeded $5000, she is "frozen". She may answer questions, but while she is ineligible for the announced prize, she may give a prize she previously acquired to an opponent if the arrow lands on her or the empty lighted areas, thus becoming "unfrozen" and back in play.

At the end of eight prizes, the player who has come closest to $5000 without going over wins the game and becomes champion. She now sits in a seat of her choice and hits the plunger to stop the arrow. If it lands on her, she wins all the prizes in the game. If it doesn't, she still wins the prizes acquired during the game and returns to defend on the next show.

Prior to this show, host Jim Lange presided over the CBS game show Spin-Off, which had premiered in June 1975 and was replaced by Give-N-Take. Two months after its debut at 10 AM Eastern, Give-N-Take was moved to 4 PM Eastern to accomodate The Price Is Right, which had expanded to a full hour. A revival of the show was attempted in 1986 under the new name Up And Over. It did not sell.