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Season Six
Good Witch
Season Premiere May 3, 2020
Season Finale July 5, 2020
Episode Count 12

Season Five



Season Six of Good Witch premiered on May 3, 2020.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
59 1 Curse from a Rose (1) Daren Goldberg Craig Pryce October 19, 2019 1.873M 0.2% 264294-59
Cassie and the rest of Middleton prepare for the most magical time of year, Halloween. A college roommate visits Cassie, and her resentment over a past event threatens to sabotage Middleton's celebrations. Martha plans a Halloween bonfire and tries to ignore her husband’s odd behavior.
60 2 Curse from a Rose (2) Vincent Pagano Craig Pryce October 19, 2019 1.873M 0.2% 264294-60
Bad luck seems to thwart Sam's attempts to romance Cassie. Donovan makes a wager with Abigail over the Halloween-themed triathlon he is racing against Sam. Stephanie and Adam rally the town to break a pumpkin carving record held by Blairsville. Meanwhile, George and Nick search for Middleton's mythical sea monster.
61 3 The Anniversary Darin Goldberg Stefan Scaini May 3, 2020 1.883M 0.16% 264294-61
After receiving the perfect gift from Cassie on their anniversary morning, Sam feels the pressure to reciprocate with a meaningful token of his love. Martha enters a bidding war with her nemesis Dotty for the new mayor’s mansion, which once belonged to a Davenport. Stephanie and her business partner butt heads about their food truck. Abigail and Donovan receive "misfortunes" in their fortune cookies that lead to both an unexpected discovery and more information about their families' curse. Meanwhile, Cassie hosts a guest at Grey House who hides her mysterious intentions for visiting Middleton.
62 4 The Chili Vincent Pagano Stefan Scaini May 10, 2020 1.978M 0.18% 264294-62
When Sam finds himself without a crucial ingredient for his chili as the competition nears, he starts a chain of bartering that includes Martha, Stephanie and Abigail. Martha receives unexpected competition in her once-uncontested run for re-election and may have to put her stubbornness aside to compromise with her potential political adversary. Stephanie looks to lessons from her past to help a friend's daughter with her friendship woes. Abigail inadvertently reveals a secret about her father when she meets his new girlfriend, and his deception makes her worry about her own relationship with Donovan. Meanwhile, Cassie unearths a time capsule that reveals information about her current Grey House guest’s family -- and her own.
63 5 The Clock Erinne Dobson Don McCutcheon May 17, 2020 1.752M 0.16% 264294-63
Cassie soon realizes her new Grey House guest has some lessons to learn. Sam discovers the benefits of a therapy dog when helping a patient. An unexpected visit from her Stephanie's ex-husband stirs up jealousy in Adam. Abigail helps Donovan write a speech and struggles to remember their song. George reunites with an old army friend and makes him an extraordinary and lifesaving offer. Meanwhile, a gift from Cassie brings new meaning to a serendipitous reunion between two of Sam's patients.
64 6 The Dinner Cole Bastedo Don McCutcheon May 24, 2020 1.846M 0.15% 264294-64
Cassie plans a progressive dinner and contemplates her next adventure as an empty nester. New advice columnist Martha investigates the identity of an advice seeker. Abigail and Donovan worry that they are on different paths. Stephanie's friendly relationship with her ex-husband causes trouble for her relationship with Adam. Joy butts heads with a carpenter, but when he quits it puts their shared project in jeopardy. Nick visits for the weekend, worried about sharing his academic struggles with Sam. When a health crisis arises at the dinner party, the fate of one Middleton resident becomes uncertain.
65 7 The Mandala Darin Goldberg Annie Bradley May 31, 2020 1.853M 0.17% 264294-65
Cassie interviews for a temp position teaching art history at a local university. Sam helps calm Adam's nerves when he becomes anxious about his impending surgery. Abigail and Donovan move closer to finding the key to breaking the Merriwick-Davenport curse. Martha's son and daughter-in-law visit but their stay hits a sour note. Joy encourages Carter to attend a fancy dinner with his girlfriend but the evening doesn't go as expected.
66 8 The Dream Vincent Pagano Annie Bradley June 7, 2020 1.917M 0.15% 264294-66
Cassie teaches her art history students a lesson on perspective that transcends the classroom. Sam performs surgery on Adam, who worries about his recovery. Joy has an upsetting dream about Abigail and Donovan's relationship but it may not be what it seems. Martha tries to win over a French delegation and secure Middleton's status as its sister city.
67 9 The Tableau Erinne Dobson &
Elysse Applebaum
Alison Reid June 14, 2020 1.694M 0.14% 264294-67
As Cassie gets ready for Grey House's 225th birthday, Martha leads the group in a tableau vivant to recreate one of Nathaniel Merriwick's paintings. The exercise unexpectedly leads Abigail and Donovan to new clues as they continue their quest to find the key to breaking the Merriwick-Davenport curse. Meanwhile, Sam appeals to Adam's competitive side to encourage him to continue with post-op physical therapy. Joy experiences life differently when her intuition suddenly takes a holiday, while a social influencer staying at Grey House has technical difficulties forcing her to view life outside the confines of her phone's camera lens.
68 10 The Chocolates Darin Goldberg Alison Reid June 21, 2020 2.007M 0.2% 264294-68
During a chocolate festival at Grey House, Cassie hosts Kenny "the chocolate king," whose big persona hides his insecurities about taking over the family business from his father. Sam butts heads with the new hospital administrator when he goes around him to hire a new surgeon. Abigail gets a surprise proposal from an old college friend who makes an unexpected visit. Joy's former business partner arrives at Grey House to formally dissolve their partnership. Inspired by an answer at a local trivia night, Sam and Donovan uncover a new clue surrounding the Merriwick-Davenport curse.
69 11 The Loft Vincent Pagano Jonathan Wright June 28, 2020 1.82M 0.18% 264294-69
Cassie and Sam's plans to steal away to Chicago for the weekend go awry when he has to stay behind for work. Instead, Cassie takes her book club friends so they can all recharge. Joy questions her decision to partner with Donna again as they work on Martha's renovation. Abigail bristles at Donna's style but their may be another reason she hasn't taken to her. Abigail and Joy join Cassie at the memorial luncheon for her mentor Olympia and make a surprising discovery that could bring them closer to breaking the Merriwick-Davenport curse.
70 12 The Bird Darin Goldberg Jonathan Wright July 5, 2020 1.9M 0.15% 264294-70
Cassie is sad that her temporary teaching assignment is winding down. Sam is forced to take unused vacation time, so he and Cassie try to find a hobby they both enjoy. Joy has a decision to make when Donna finds a new job for them in Vermont. Martha's worried about her housewarming party when final details of the renovation go awry. As Adam's mission nears, he and Stephanie try to figure out what this means for their relationship. Abigail and Donovan reunite to make one last stand against the curse and fight for their future.

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