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Premiere May 25, 2020
Finale May 27, 2020
Network History
Style 60-minute biographical docuseries
Company Appian Way,
Lionsgate Television
Episodes 6
Origin USA

Grant is a six-part docuseries based on Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernow's bestselling biography of Ulysses S. Grant.

The docuseries examines Grant's life story using his perspective and experiences to explore a turbulent time in history: the Civil War and Reconstruction. Grant is known for his role as Commanding General of the U.S. Army during the Civil War and as the 18th U.S. president from 1869-77, but few recognize his struggles during his youth, his time at West Point, his service in the Mexican War alongside some of the greatest names from U.S. military history or his several failed business ventures before the Civil War.

At the time of his death, Ulysses S. Grant was the most famous man in the world and stood alongside men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in the pantheon of American heroes. However, today Grant is largely forgotten, his rightful legacy tarnished by a fog of myth, rumor and falsehood. The three-night miniseries event tells the remarkable and quintessentially American story of a humble man who overcomes incredible obstacles, rises to the highest ranks of power and saves the nation not once, but twice. With a seamless blend of dramatic scenes, expert commentary and beautifully enhanced archival imagery, this series uncovers the true legacy of the unlikely hero who led the nation during its greatest tests: The Civil War and then Reconstruction - the herculean task of reconciling the North and the South. During this time, Grant acted as a pillar of strength when our country suffered its greatest-ever loss of American life. One of the most courageous and unexpected initiatives of Grant's presidency was protecting the right to vote for the four million formerly enslaved people freed at the end of the war in the face of violent and widespread resistance.

Grant features on-camera interviews with top experts in the field including Ron Chernow, retired United States Army General and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director David Petraeus, acclaimed author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates and professor of English at West Point Elizabeth Samet to name a few.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Justin Salinger Ulysses S. Grant


# Title Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 Unlikely Hero (1) May 25, 2020 869k 0.13%
2 Unlikely Hero (2) May 25, 2020 644k 0.09%
3 Lincoln's General (1) May 26, 2020 2.807M 0.32%
4 Lincoln's General (2) May 26, 2020 2.807M 0.32%
5 Freedom's Champion (1) May 27, 2020 2.775M 0.32%
6 Freedom's Champion (2) May 27, 2020 2.775M 0.32%


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