Hard Time on Planet Earth

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Hard Time on Planet Earth
Premiere March 1, 1989
Finale June 21, 1989
Creator Jim Thomas &
John Thomas
Network CBS
Style 60-minute drama
Company Demos-Bard Productions,
Shanachie Productions,
Touchstone Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 13
Origin USA

Hard Time on Planet Earth is a drama that aired on CBS.

The main character was an alien Elite Military Officer who served in a huge interplanetary war. After the war ended, he was prosecuted for rebellion against the planet's ruling Council; he was found guilty, but in recognition of his valuable services in the war, he was given the chance to reform by spending an undetermined amount of time in a vastly underpowered human form on planet Earth. Along with him was dispatched "Control" (voiced by Danny Mann), a small floating robot in the form of a mechanical eye with the mission of overseeing Jesse (the earthly name adopted by the alien warrior, from the name tag on the first Earth clothes he wore) to make sure Jesse kept his violent behavior in check. "Control" also provided comic relief to the series, usually by assessing the events with the catchphrase "Negative Outcome. Not Good." Each episode followed Jesse as he reluctantly helped different people in need. He derives much of his information from television shows, giving him a skewed sense of Earth culture. At first, Jesse only helped those in need to earn Control's approval in order to put an end to his exile, but he slowly became fond of the goodness he encountered from some of Earth's people.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Martin Kove Jesse


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One March 1, 1989 June 21, 1989 13


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