Harper's Island/Ka-Blam

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Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate April 23, 2009
Production Number 103
Written by Jill Blotevogel
Directed by Steve Boyum
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Harper's IslandSeason One
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Ka-Blam is the third episode of the first season of Harper's Island, and the third episode overall.



Episode Overview

The sheriff informs Abby that Kelly committed suicide. Abby doesn't believe it. But the sheriff says the red in Kelly's eyes are blood. Shane suspects J.D. and kidnapped him. Abby goes over to Shane's house and then into the garage and found J.D. gagged and hung by a noose supported only by the chair. Shane appears behind her. Shane confronts Abby about Kelly, blaming both Abby and J.D. for confusing her. Abby fought back telling Shane that neither he nor J.D. killed Kelly, but by John Wakefield. The sheriff then barges into the garage. Startled, Shane accidentally knocked down the chair but managed to hold J.D. up. Abby picked up Shane's dropped knife and cut the rope and set J.D. free. Shane was arrested for attempted murder. Seeing that Trish doesn't like him anymore, Hunter gave Thomas an ultimatum: he could leave the island costing Thomas $50,000 or he could tell Trish the truth. As Hunter hops on board the boat, Thomas gave Hunter a $50,000 check but warns him not to speak to Trish again. The sheriff re-investigates Kelly's house. He then discovers a teddy bear bank with red eyes, the same colored eyes of Kelly's corpse. He then picks up an old newspaper article. Doctor Ike Campbell calls the sheriff that the red in Kelly's eyes are not blood at all. It was ink. The sheriff discovers a vandalized writing on the article that says "You found her, now find me." making him realize that Kelly was murdered. On the way back to Seattle, Hunter sees the bag that contains money and gun. The bag belonged to Uncle Marty. Soon, the boat's engine stalled. Unable to restart the boat, Hunter walks over to the engine compartment and opened up the jammed hood only to discover a rigged shotgun inside that shot Hunter in the head with a KA-BLAM, killing him. 6 down, a lot more to go. Who will die next? Will Henry reveal to Trish about her dad inviting Hunter over without her permission? Find out on the next Harper's Island.

Body Count

  1. Hunter Jennings



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