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Season 1, Episode 9
Airdate June 13, 2009
Production Number 109
Written by Nichelle Tramble Spellman
Directed by Craig R. Baxley
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Harper's IslandSeason One
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Seep is the ninth episode of the first season of Harper's Island, and the ninth episode overall.



Episode Overview

At the Candlewick, Trish, Shea, Katherine and Danny wait anxiously for their friends to return. They see Beth and Sully and let them in. Cal, Chloe and Abby took the sheriff to the clinic. Cal, a doctor, sees that the bleeding wasn't bad and begins to treat the wound. Henry and Jimmy carried JD's corpse to the autopsy table. Back at the Candlewick, Shea confronts Sully for disobeying Henry's orders to stay. Sully then tells Trish that JD was killed. Trish was surprised to realize that JD didn't kill Thomas. Shane came in and threatens them before Henry orders Shane to drop the gun. Shane was taken to the kitchen. Trish apologized to Henry about JD. The journal shows that Wakefield had a child with Abby's mom. Abby thinks that she is Wakefield's daughter. Shane overhears the conversation and tells the other members about it. As Beth, Danny and Sully continue to search for Madison, Henry confronts Shane resulting into an argument. Abby went outside and Jimmy followed her. He tells Abby that the murders can't be connected to her. At the clinic, Cal successfully treated the wound on the sheriff's leg and he and Chloe had sex. Back at the Candlewick, Abby and Jimmy tries to get in, but Shane locked the door refusing to let Abby in. Angry, Henry throws Shane to the floor and they fight. As the party breaks it up, Sully notices that Beth is not with them. Danny and Sully investigated the kitchen and found a trail of blood. When they got to the other room, they found more blood. Then Trish sees something behind the cart. Henry moved the cart and opened the door that leads to a secret passage. Trish stays at the lounge while Danny, Abby, Sully, Henry and Jimmy search in the tunnels. Katherine tells Trish that she can't find Shea. Shea was desperate to find Madison. They go to her room and found a death trump card. Trish suspects Karena was behind Madison's disappearance. Trish takes Shane's truck to go after Shea. At the passage, there are two trails of blood. Danny and Sully split up with Henry, Jimmy & Abby. Each group found a tunnel. Problem? The tunnel Abby, Henry & Jimmy found doesn't have blood, but Abby is thin enough to fit. Danny and Sully found a tunnel with blood. Danny goes into the tunnel and crawls through. He found more blood and sees another tunnel. As crawls to it, he freaks out when he saw Beth's dead body (her top half is seen). Meanwhile while crawling through, Abby was trapped by a small gate, separating her from Henry and Jimmy. Abby decided to go on. She somehow got to another underground. She found another tunnel and as she crawls through, someone grabbed her legs and began pulling her. But she got free and quickly crawled to the other side and shot the gun to distract the grabber. She found a room and discovers Madison sleeping, alive. They hug each other and began to find their way out. Trish found Shea and attempts to calm her down by taking her into Shane's truck. Henry and Jimmy learned from Danny and Sully about Beth's death. Abby and Madison found a manhole in the sewers. Madison can't get the lid to open. Then she sees car lights and she and Abby shout for help. Shane's truck went over the manhole cover and Madison used her small arm to stick out of the hole of the cover. Shea sees the hand and tells Trish to stop the truck. As they got out of the car, they hear voices and Shea recognized Madison's voice and she and Trish helped Abby and Madison out of the hole. Back at the clinic, Cal woke up after having sex with Chloe and discovers that the bed was empty and the sheriff is missing. Back at the Candlewick, Trish and Shea came back with Abby and Madison, unharmed. As they reunited, Shane watches from inside and tells Katherine that everything's alright. He sees that Katherine hasn't waken up. He then soon sees blood seeping out. He realizes that Katherine is dead. The camera pans to show the pruning shears behind the chair that stabbed Katherine. Madison tells Abby that the sheriff took her. 15 down, several people remain. Now that Madison was rescued, will the guests ever leave the island? Is Abby really John Wakefield's daughter? Is the sheriff really the killer? Find out on the next Harper's Island.

Body Count

  1. Beth Barrington
  2. Katherine Wellington



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