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Sigh (2)
Season 1, Episode 13
Airdate July 11, 2009
Production Number 113
Written by Jeffrey Bell
Directed by Sanford Bookstaver
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Harper's IslandSeason One
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Sigh (2) is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Harper's Island, and the thirteenth and final episode overall.



Episode Overview

After Henry killed Trish, he mentioned that she was harder than the others to kill. Wakefield consoles Henry by telling him that Trish served her purpose and nothing else matters. He also told Henry that Danny's death wasn't an embarassment. After hearing Abby calling out, Henry and Wakefield walked away in the woods. Abby and Jimmy was looking for Henry and Trish when they found Trish's corpse. Shea and Madison went to the boathouse to tell Sully that Wakefield escaped and Danny was fighting Wakefield for them (Shea and Madision) to escape. Sully notices a spare boat on the ceiling. Madison and Shea boarded on the boat and Sully opted to stay. Shea and Madison escaped from Harper's Island. Henry arrived at the boathouse and Sully explains about Wakefield's escape. Henry pretends to tell Sully that he can't find Trish. The Coast Guard called through the radio that they'll be landing in forty-five minutes at the marina. Sully and Henry headed to the marina. In the woods, Henry revealed that he killed Trish and Danny was killed by Wakefield. Henry then admitted to killing his brother, JD. Henry pulls out the knife and told Sully that Wakefield is his biological father and that he is Wakefield's accomplice, not Jimmy. He decapitated Reverend Fain. He killed Richard Allen with a harpoon gun. He stabbed Katherine while everyone was looking for Madison. He reveals that the bag containing the money belonged to Uncle Marty. He explained that Marty was going to give the money to Malcolm for the brewery company. When Malcolm burned the money, Henry killed him. Enraged, Sully tries to shoot Henry, but the gun is empty. Henry took the bullets out of the gun at the boathouse. Wakefield comes in and Sully turns around. Henry then stabbed Sully to the back, telling him he "never should have dogged Trish." Sully falls to the ground, dead. Abby and Jimmy arrived at the boathouse only that it's empty, even the boat is gone. The Coast Guard called through the radio and tells Abby and Jimmy that Shea and Madison arrived at the mainland and that Henry and Sully were heading to the marina. They found Henry and Abby tells him that Trish is dead. Henry pretends that he doesn't believe that. He leads them to the chapel. Henry sees Trish's dead body with Abby and Jimmy by the side. Then Wakefield showed up. He attacked Jimmy and they started fighting. Soon there's a sound of helicopters. Abby escaped from the church. Wakefield shouts to Henry that Abby's getting away. Jimmy heard those words and realizes that Wakefield and Henry worked together. He set up the flare to burn Wakefield to the chest and threw it at the unity candles and runs away. Henry caught up to Abby and asked her where they're supposed to go. Abby says to the marina. But soon, she thought of something: the Coast Guard told Abby that Henry and Sully were heading down the marina, but when she and Jimmy found Henry, he told them he doesn't know where Sully is. Henry pulls out a knife and tells Abby it's over while Wakefield is behind her. Henry runs toward Abby. But he pushed Abby aside and stabbed Wakefield instead, killing him. Abby realizes that Henry is the second killer. Abby attempted to run, but Henry knocked her out. At an abandoned house, Abby woke up from the bed and when she gets downstairs and sees Henry there she runs upstairs and picks up a glass shard. This prompted Henry to come clean that he was almost killed by Wakefield during the massacre in 2001. They looked at each other and there was a connection. He tells Abby that he is Wakefield's son. He revealed that he is also a Wakefield copycat. He revealed that marrying Trish was the only way to bring Abby back to the island and that he had to kill all the other people because they were in their way. He killed Wakefield so he and Abby could live together. Upset that Henry is no longer the Henry she knew, Abby threw the shard at Henry and picks up the telescope to break the glass door and runs outside with Henry chasing her. Abby ran to the garage and sees Jimmy gagged and tied to one of the pillars. Henry walks in, grabs Abby and threw her outside. Back at the house, Henry revealed that he kept Jimmy alive because he needed him to sign a full confession, claiming to be Wakefield's accomplice. He tells her that Jimmy will sign a confession only if she says goodbye. Henry takes Abby to the garage and tells her to say goodbye to Jimmy. But knowing that Henry's lying, Abby pulled the gag down and kisses Jimmy passionately. An angry Henry pulled her away violently. Abby claimed that she loves Jimmy, making an enraged Henry slap her to the ground. He immediately regrets and tries to help her up, but Jimmy shouts at Henry to get away from her. With Henry caught off-guard, Abby stabbed Henry in the foot with a screwdriver and runs off. Henry grabs the boarding knife and chases her. Jimmy has the nail in the mouth through the kiss with Abby and proceeds to use it to uncuff himself. Henry chased Abby to the low cliff. Abby confronts Henry and tells him that he would kill her if Jimmy didn't sign the confession. Henry claims that he would never hurt her. She asks if that's why Henry has a boarding knife. Hearing this, Henry tossed the knife away. He tells Abby that her and the island are his home, and that he would die without her. She tells him that he has destroyed everything she ever loved, to which he replies that she has him, but she shouts back that she doesn't want him. Suddenly, Jimmy came out of nowhere and tackled Henry from behind and they both fell off the edge. Abby runs down to find that Jimmy is OK only injured. But he soon notices Henry walking behind her. With a swift movement of her body, Abby grabbed the boarding knife and stabbed Henry to the chest with it. With his last sigh, Henry tells Abby that he loved her, then dies. Abby and Jimmy were carried off the island by the coast guard. They shared a long kiss and left the island together. The murderous rampage is finally over. John Wakefield is dead as well as his son, Henry. Shea, Madison, Jimmy and even Abby survived the rampage. A fitting conclusion to Harper's Island.

Body Count

  1. Christopher "Sully" Sullivan
  2. John Wakefield
  3. Henry Dunn



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