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Season 1, Episode 11
Airdate June 27, 2009
Production Number 111
Written by Dan Shotz
Directed by Rick Bota
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Harper's IslandSeason One
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Splash is the eleventh episode of the first season of Harper's Island, and the eleventh episode overall.



Episode Overview

As Abby confronts Wakefield, Henry and Danny arrive causing Wakefield to run off. Back at the Cannery, Madison confirmed to Shea that Wakefield did kidnap her. This prompted Shea to give in by telling Madison the truth about Richard's death. Outside, Abby vows vengeance. Back at the Cannery, as the group discusses about trying to escape the island, Madison spots Wakefield coming and tells everyone he's here. Wakefield bursts into the Cannery. Nikki gets the gun and tries to shoot Wakefield, but he was too fast and he grabbed the gun and held it up and stabbed Nikki with a boarding knife, killing her. Shane tells the other women to get out of there and they went to the women's bathroom for cover. Shane has a pocketknife, then he and Wakefield fight. As the women escape through the window, Wakefield was quicker and stabbed Shane, killing him. The women rush to Abby's old house and hide in the sheriff's attic, where Trish found maps of the underground tunnels all over the island. Wakefield had all the motive to stay underground, undetected. Abby, Henry and Danny arrive at the Cannery and discover Shane and Nikki's dead bodies and Jimmy is missing. Trish and Chloe heard the church bells and decided to go to the church, and Shea and Madison stayed behind. Cal and Sully arrive at the dock on the other side of the island, but were disappointed to see that the boat was not there. As Trish and Chloe get to the church, they crossed paths with Abby, Henry and Danny who heard the bells as well. As they went into the church, Danny lit the candle for a prayer. Henry informed Trish that Wakefield killed the sheriff. Trish then apologized to Abby about the sheriff. Chloe screamed and the others rushed to her. It was discovered that they found Deputy Lillis dead with his throat slit. Then they see car lights. They get to the front door to find that Cal and Sully came. Cal asks where Chloe is. Trish turns around and discovered that Chloe is missing. During the search, Trish immediately believes that Wakefield snuck into the church and kidnapped Chloe by using the underground tunnels. Jimmy then came in and Abby told Jimmy that Wakefield is alive. Cal discovered a tunnel underneath the church. Abby, Henry, and Cal go down there to look for Chloe. Jimmy and Trish go in Nikki's car to block the manhole where Trish found Madison and Abby. Sully and Danny go to block the entrance to the tunnel in the Candlewick. Chloe was trapped in a storm drain. She threatens Wakefield that her friends will find her and kill him. During the search, Cal was becoming frantic and keeps screaming her name. Chloe hears Cal's shouts and attempts to shout back. Cal hears Chloe, but he, Henry and Abby were spotted by Wakefield. Cal goes off to find Chloe while Abby and Henry chase Wakefield. Cal pulled Chloe out of the storm drain and proposed her to marry him. She said yes. But Abby and Henry lost Wakefield. Wakefield found Cal and Chloe. Cal tries to shoot but misses and ran out of ammo. Cal and Chloe run to the bridge with Wakefield on their tail. They hit a dead end in the middle of the bridge. As Chloe tries to carefully go around, Cal spotted Wakefield and tries to hold him off. But Wakefield disarmed Cal and stabbed him to the chest, killing him. Chloe screamed in terror. Wakefield tossed Cal from the bridge to the river with a splash. Within a minute after Cal died, Chloe looks at Wakefield and said that he cannot have her. With that, Chloe committed suicide by deliberately letting go of the hand rail and jump off the bridge and splash into the river, next to Cal. At the sheriff's attic, Madison found articles that Wakefield may have an accomplice and Shea found Jimmy's arrest record. 24 people were dead. Approximately 8 people are left. Who will die next? Who will survive? Who will end the murderous rampage? And does Wakefield have an accomplice? Find out on part 1 of the 2-part series finale of Harper's Island.

Body Count

  1. Nikki Bolton
  2. Shane Pierce
  3. Deputy Patrick Lillis
  4. Cal Vandeusen
  5. Chloe Carter



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