Harper's Island/Thrack, Splat, Sizzle

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Thrack, Splat, Sizzle
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate May 30, 2009
Production Number 107
Written by Jeffrey Bell
Directed by Scott Peters
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Harper's IslandSeason One
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Thrack, Splat, Sizzle is the seventh episode of the first season of Harper's Island, and the sixth episode overall.



Episode Overview

The sheriff goes to the Candlewick to investigate who the killer is. Henry and the sheriff investigated JD's room and found Uncle Marty's phone. They believe they found the killer. Malcolm finally comes clean to Danny and Sully about Booth's accidental death and having Uncle Marty's money. Danny blamed Malcolm but Sully restrains him. Abby goes through her old home and crossed path with the man that set the dog after Thomas and Trish. She was scared at first, but she instantly recognized him as the sheriff's former deputy, Cole Harkin. He told Abby about her secret linking her to Wakefield. The police spotted JD and gave chase. Henry ran ahead of them and tackled JD at the docks. JD was arrested. The sheriff believes the killing spree is over, right? Wrong. Malcolm was in the basement putting money into the incinerator when he was thracked by an unknown assailant causing blood to splat. He accidentally placed his hand on the furnace sizzling it and was chopped to death. Abby came to the sheriff and asked him about a secret linking her to Wakefield as explained by Harkin. The sheriff revealed to Abby that her mother used to go on a date with Wakefield. Trish decided to call the wedding off and not to marry Henry due to the image of her father's death. But Abby persuaded her to change her mind by showing her the photo of her and Henry as kids. Abby then rekindles her relationship with Jimmy. Madison received a note and then heads to her father's room and when she turns, the door suddenly closes. 10 down, a lot more to go. What happened to Madison? Will Henry and Trish reconcile after Abby convinces Trish to do so? Was J.D. framed? Find out on the next Harper's Island.

Body Count

  1. Malcolm Ross



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