Hawaii Five-O/"V" for Vashon: The Son (1)

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"V" for Vashon: The Son (1)
Airdate November 14, 1972
Production Number 1729-0412
Written by Alvin Sapinsley
Directed by Charles Dubin
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Journey Out of Limbo
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"V" for Vashon: The Father (2)
Hawaii Five-OSeason Five

"V" for Vashon: The Son (1) is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Hawaii Five-O.

Guest Stars: Robert Drivas (Chris Vashon), Harold Gould (Honore Vashon)

Special Guest Star: Luther Adler (Dominick Vashon)

Co-Starring: Kwan Hi Lim (Tosaki), Christopher Harris (Stu), Rick Kelman (Lance), Glen Cannon (Manicote), Harry Endo (Che Fong), (Nelson) Dick Fair (Night Clerk), Elizabeth Cole (Margurite Vashon), John Stalker (Drew), Elsie De Mello (Chambermaid), Galen Kam (Lo Wu Sing), Arthur Hee (Apt. Manager), Jack Morris (Frank Keller), Moki Palacio (Besseride), Wesley Sakai (Kwan)


Plot Overview

Five-O sets out to take down the Vashon crime family, starting with playboy Chris Vashon.