Hawaii Five-O/Deep Cover

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Deep Cover
Airdate December 8, 1977
Production Number 1310-1729-0717
Written by Robert Janes
Directed by Steven H. Stern
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Hawaii Five-OSeason Ten

Deep Cover is the ninth episode of the tenth season of Hawaii Five-O.

Guest Stars: Geoffrey Lewis (Cmdr. Chris Nolan), Maud Adams (Maria Noble)

Special Guest Stars: Dale Robinette (Michael Trikonis/David Harner)

Co-Starring: Bob Basso (Capt. Kemp), Jeff Kennedy (Adm. Dunn), Don Pomes (Chief Bishop), Joe Moore (Lt. Cmdr. Rizzo), Herb Hardin (Cmdr. Rivers), Don Rockwell (Captain Fitzsimmons), Jorie Remus (Landlady), Tom Pierson (Instructor #1), Joseph Winzenreid (Instructor #2), Vernon Hayes (Cmdr. Polakoff), Jo Anne Morgan (Nurse), Jim Doney (Doctor), Lydia Jade (Dolani), Landon Bloomer (Instructor #3), Kenneth Ploeger (Instructor #4)


Plot Overview

McGarrett aids the Navy in the investigation of a Naval officer's murder.