Hawaii Five-O/The Golden Noose

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The Golden Noose
Airdate January 15, 1980
Production Number 1310-1729-0922
Written by George F. Slavin
Directed by Beau Van Den Ecker
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For Old Time's Sake
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The Flight of the Jewels
Hawaii Five-OSeason Twelve

The Golden Noose is the fifteenth episode of the twelfth season of Hawaii Five-O.

Guest Stars: Ed Lauter (Jonas Halloran), Irene Yah Ling Sun (Nadira), Ed Fernandez (P. Sandifer), Bill Bigelow (Wriggins), Joe Moore (James Weaver), Colin de Silva (Premier Lon Tho), Kimo Hugho (Le Doc), Harold Iseke (City Engineer), James Hutchison (Harry Polifax), John A. Hunt (Dutchman), Jim Doney (Tom Chambers), Harry Chang (Manners), Bob Turnbull (Parsons), John Stalker (B.R. Barner), Richard Denning (Governor)


Plot Overview

An escaped convict poses as a diplomat from a Far Eastern country in order to get at the country's store of gold bullion in a Honolulu bank. He hires experts with lasers to penetrate the light-beam screen surrounding the bank vault, burn a hole in the vault's floor, heat the gold until it liquefies and drain it through ceramic tubing. McGarrett gets a clue to what's happening when the bank's thermometer (located near the vault) starts to freak out, but he still has to find the thugs' hideout before they solidify the gold ...



The Show

This was the next to last episode filmed.