Hawaii Five-O/The Ninety-Second War (1)

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The Ninety-Second War (1)
Airdate January 11, 1972
Production Number 1729-0367
Written by teleplay
John D.F. Black
Leonard Freeman
Directed by Bob Sweeney
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Bait Once, Bait Twice
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The Ninety-Second War (2)
Hawaii Five-OSeason Four

The Ninety-Second War (1) is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Hawaii Five-O.

Guest Stars: Dana Wynter (Claudine), Khigh Dhiegh (Wo Fat), Richard Denning (Governor), Harry Endo (Che Fong), Al Eben (Doc), Jack McCoy (Dr. George Shimel), Bob Witthans (Lt. Cmdr. Smallitt), Hans Strasser (Charbonne), Wright Esser (Albrecht), Bob Nelson (Assassin #1), Bernie Ching (Officer O'Laughlin)


Plot Overview



The Show

One of the great mysteries of the series is solved in this episode: the Governor's name is revealed to be Paul Jamison, as evidenced by the nameplate on his door.