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Season Two
Season Premiere January 16, 2015
Season Finale April 10, 2015
Episode Count 13

Season One



Season Two of Helix will premiered on January 16, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
14 1 San Jose Steven Maeda Steven A. Adelson January 16, 2015 1.003M 0.3%
15 months after the events at Arctic Biosystems, new CDC team with the addition of biotoxicologist Kyle Sommer respond to a potential outbreak on a Windjammer in the Northern Pacific. Their search leads them to an island occupied by a mysterious cult led by the charismatic Michael. Meanwhile, 40 years in the future, Walker arrives at the same island searching for Alan Farragut.
15 2 Reunion Timothy J. Lea Steven A. Adelson January 23, 2015 697k 0.24%
As the CDC team continues to investigate the island, a sick child appears. After the child's miraculous healing, Jordan suspects that not all is right in the abbey. Meanwhile, in the future, Walker and Caleb dig up Alan's grave and make a discovery that furthers the mystery of the island.
16 3 Scion Allison Miller Jeremiah S. Chechik January 30, 2015 634k 0.22%
While the contagion at the abbey becomes increasingly dangerous, Alan tries to take matters into his own hands as Jordan and Peter travel outside the gates only to find themselves under attack. Kyle investigates the seemingly innocent children but they turn the tables on him. Meanwhile, Walker comes upon Hatake in the future, and finds him less sane than he initially appears.
17 4 Densho Tiffany Greshler Jeremiah S. Chechik February 6, 2015 484k 0.14%
As Michael struggles to keep the abbey under control, the CDC team moves closer toward tracking the source of the pathogen. Alan fights the urge to rejoin his team and confronts the reality about Peter’s allegiances. In the future, Walker makes a desperate attempt to escape from her delusional father, with potentially deadly consequences.
18 5 Oubliette Leigh Dana Jackson Grant Harvey February 13, 2015 443k 0.13%
Michael locks Peter and Alan in a pit. Alan escapes and discovers that Kyle has a secret of his own. Agnes reveals a shocking truth to Michael, who drastically turns on her for doubting him. In the future, Caleb uncovers Walker's deception and takes matters into his own hands.
19 6 M. Domestica Javier Grillo-Marxuach Grant Harvey February 20, 2015 474k 0.1%
On the heels of Agnes' death, Amy creates an outbreak of the disease, while Michael torments Peter in the pit. Alan, Jordan and Kyle discover the truth about the Abbey's tainted food chain but Alan is drugged and attacks Jordan. An uprising at the Abbey threatens the safety of the uninfected. Meanwhile, in present-day Paris, Walker summons Balleseros and is guided to meet an unlikely immortal who may hold the key to her mission.
20 7 Cross Pollination Adria Lang Steven A. Adelson February 27, 2015 465k 0.13%
As the situation at the Abbey spirals out of control, Michael plans a mass suicide known as the Thinning. After Amy accuses Michael of plotting murder, she learns that Michael plans to use her as a baby-making factory to repopulate. While Alan and Kyle search for Jordan, Alan remembers through flashbacks that he performed a horrific surgery on her while he was drugged. Peter finds Anne down in the oubliette with him and bonds with her over being under appreciated. Meanwhile, Walker meets a 10-year-old immortal who informs her of Michael's infertility project on St. Germain.
21 8 Vade in Pace Bobak Esfarjani Steven A. Adelson March 6, 2015 522K 0.15%
The Coast Guard arrives to take the CDC team to another island to deal with another outbreak of the pathogen; meanwhile, Sister Amy has to contend with Brother Michael and his plans.
22 9 Ectogenesis Timothy J. Lea Jeremiah S. Chechik March 13, 2015 547k 0.19%
Alan, Kyle and Winger search the woods for the tree with red sap that might be a cure for the pathogen.
23 10 Mother Tiffany Greshler Jeremiah S. Chechik March 20, 2015 570k 0.18%
At the Abbey, Sister Amy makes a bargain for immortality, while in the woods the race is on to find the Bleeding Tree now that Kyle is infected.
24 11 Plan B Leigh Dana Jackson &
Adria Lang
Jeff Renfroe March 27, 2015 519k 0.15%
The Navy prepares to implement Plan B, a final solution to ensure the virus - and all infected people - never leave the island.
25 12 The Ascendant Javier Grillo-Marxuach &
David Goldblum
Jeff Renfroe April 3, 2015 540k 0.16%
While Kyle and Jordan try to escape the island as the followers hunt them, Walker and Alan search for the Mother Tree so that Walker can halt Ilaia's deadly plan.
26 13 O Brave New World Steven Maeda &
Tiffany Greschler
Steven A. Adelson April 10, 2015 438k 0.12%
Walker and Alan's relationship comes to a bloody climax while Peter and Alan's sibling feud erupts in flames. Meanwhile, Kyle does his best to protect a possible cure for the mycosis.

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