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Premiere October 10, 2001
Finale January 3, 2002
Creator Kohta Hirano
Network/Provider Fuji TV
Style 30-minute anime horror action
Company GONZO
Seasons 1
Episodes 13
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan
Official Site Pioneer Animation
Geneon Entertainment

"In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen."

The vampire Alucard works for the organization known as Hellsing lead by Sir Integra Hellsing. Hellsing is sworn to protect the House of England from the forces of evil.



Vocal Artist Character
Main Cast
Jôji Nakata Lord Alucard
Crispin Freeman (english voice)
Fumiko Orikasa Seras Victoria
K. T. Gray (english voice)
Fumiko Orikasa Paul Wilson
Craig Young (english voice)
Takumi Yamazaki Incognito
Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. (english voice)
Nachi Nozawa Alexander Anderson
Steve Brand (english voice)
Yoshiko Sakakibara Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing
Tricia Dickson (english voice)
Unshô Ishizuka Commander Peter Fargason
W. Morgan Sheppard (english voice)
Motomu Kiyokawa Walter "Angel of Death" Dollneaz
Ralph Lister (english voice)
Akiko Hiramatsu Helena
Akure Wall (english voice)
Hideyuki Tanaka Father Enrico Maxwell
JB Blanc (english voice)


Season  Premiere Finale #
Fuji TV
Season One October 10, 2001 January 16, 2002 13


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
Complete Collection April 8, 2003 4
Episode Collections  (Region 1)
Volume 1: Impure Souls July 23, 2002 1
Volume 2: Bloodbrothers September 10, 2002 1
Volume 3: Search and Destroy November 12, 2002 1
Volume 4: Eternal Damnation January 21, 2003 1

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