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Six Months Ago
Heroes-Six Months Ago.jpg
Season 1, Episode 10
Airdate November 27, 2006
Production Number 110
Written by Aron Eli Coleite
Directed by Allan Arkush
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HeroesSeason One

Six Months Ago is the tenth episode of the first season of Heroes.

Starring: Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah Sanders), Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), Ali Larter (Niki Sanders), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh, voice-over only), Leonard Roberts (D.L. Hawkins), Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli)

Guest Starring: Nora Zehetner (Eden McCain), James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi), Graham Beckel (Hal Sanders), Zachary Quinto (Gabriel Gray/Sylar), Erick Avari (Chandra Suresh), Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), Jayma Mays (Charlie Andrews), Ashley Crow (Sandra Bennet), Lisa Lackey (Janice Parkman), Deirdre Quinn ("Texas" Tina), Danielle Savre (Jackie Wilcox), Rick Peters (Det. Tom McHenry), Jimmy Jean-Louis ("The Haitian"), David Berman (Brian Davis)

With: Rena Sofer (Heidi Petrelli)

And: Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet)

Co-Starring: Josh Clark (Sheriff), Michael Maury (Deputy Lloyd), Robert Rigamonti (Surgeon), Sally Champlin (Lynette), Yuki Matsuzaki (Worker), Ryan K. Smith (Deputy)


Plot Overview

Hiro, having come back from six months in the future, romances Charlie to try and prevent her murder. Chandra Suresh starts contacting supers he's located, starting with patient zero, one Gabriel Grey. Mr. Bennet recruits Eden McCain to join his organization.

  • Mohinder Suresh Voice-over: "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose. The Earth spins at a thousand miles an hour as we desperately try to keep from being thrown off. Like the first blush of winter that signals a great migration, was there any warning of their arrival? A sign, a single event that set this chain into motion? Was it a whisper in god's ear? Survive? Adapt? Escape? And if we could mark that single moment in time, the first hint of the prophecy of approaching danger, would we have done anything differently? Could it have been stopped, or was the die long ago cast? And if we could go back, stop it from happening, alter it's course, would we?"
  • Burnt Toast Diner, Midland, Texas. Hiro Nakamura introduces himself to Charlie and tells her that he's here to save her life. She thinks it's just a strange pickup line (but a good one), and invites him into her birthday photo.
  • Gray & Sons Watchmakers, Brooklyn, New York City. Gabriel Gray is putting together a custom watch. Chandra Suresh comes into the store. Gabriel offers to fix Chandra's watch. Chandra says that it isn't broken. Gabriel listens to it and says that the coil spring is loose and the watch is running two seconds slow. He has a knack for making things work. Chandra tells Gabriel that he's here looking for him. He thinks he's special. He gives Gabriel a copy of Activating Evolution and tells Gabriel that he he wants to talk, he's included his phone number and address inside.
  • Los Angeles. Matt Parkman pulls over Eden McCain. She tells him she stole the car. He tells her to get out. She uses her mind control to tell him to go eat some donuts. Matt is confused, but obeys. Eden sees the Haitian standing in front of her car.
  • Bennet house, Odessa, Texas. Jackie Wilcox tells Claire Bennet that she just made cheerleading squad. Lori Tremmel quit after persistent rumors she slept with the entire football team spread. Claire is happy, but isn't as happy as Jackie wants, so she teases Claire by threatening to take the uniform away. They get into a tug of war, then Claire falls back and smashes a mirror with her hand, making a nasty cut. It hurts and doesn't heal. She's taken to the hospital for stitches. Mr. Bennet gets a call from Chandra Suresh. He wants to talk to him about Claire.
  • Burnt Toast Diner. Hiro learns that he hasn't traveled back one day, but six months. He is worried that if he tries to time travel again, he could end up anywhere. Charlie offers him a piece of birthday cake.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Las Vegas. Niki Sanders is at an AA meeting. She's been sober for a year. She sees her father Hal Sanders in the back. After the meeting, she confronts him. She doesn't remember him being in her life much and is resentful of that. Hal wants to try and reconnect with her, meet his son-in-law and see his grandson. Niki isn't sure if she's ready for that yet.
  • Peter Petrelli's Apartment, Manhattan. Nathan, his wife Heidi, and Angela Petrelli arrive at Peter's apartment to celebrate his graduation from nursing school. Nathan gives him a gag gift of women's shoes. Nathan doesn't like Peter's career choice, but Heidi and Angela are supportive. Nathan tells Peter that the district attorney wants him to prosecute Linderman, their defense attorney father's biggest client. They're so well connected that if Linderman goes down, so will their father. Even though Peter has been harshly critical of their father in the past, Peter tells Nathan that if he does that, he'll never forgive himself for what happens to their father.
  • Chandra Suresh's apartment, Brooklyn. Gabriel goes to see Chandra. Chandra wants to run some tests on him to see if he can detect an anomaly that results in an ability. He tells Gabriel that he thinks the brain is the key to the abilities. Gabriel tells Chandra that all his life he's wanted to be special, to be important.
  • Primatech Paper, Odessa, Texas. Eden is tied to a chair and has tape over her mouth. Mr. Bennet has her rap sheet. She's suspected of grand theft auto, larceny, robbery, arson, and is a murder suspect in Oklahoma City. He takes the tape off and tells her he's offering her the chance to do something with her life. She spits in his face and tries to use her power to make him let her go. But the Haitian is blocking her ability. Mr. Bennet that she's finally met someone who can say "no" to her.
  • Burnt Toast Diner. Hiro attempts to call Ando Masahashi in Tokyo. But Ando is sick that day and his past self answers. Hiro hangs up immediately.
  • Staples Center, Los Angeles. Matt Parkman is sitting in his car eating a box of donuts. Patrolman Tom McHenry pulls up and reminds him that the detective test is in an hour. He says that the donut-eating cop is a cliché. Matt stares at the donuts like he's never seen them before in his life, then drives off.
  • Burnt Toast Diner. Hiro is working as a busboy at the diner. He gives Charlie a birthday present - a Japanese phrasebook. She learns how to say a phrase quickly - her ability is present. Hiro suggests that she visit Japan soon. He can't bring himself to tell her that she's going to be murdered soon. He tells her that tomorrow a swallow will slay a dragon.
  • Graveyard, Las Vegas. Niki is at the grave of her sister Jessica (1976-1987). She has an unopened bottle of alcohol. D.L. Hawkins comes up. Niki says that it used to be impossible for her to go a day without remembering Jessica. It's important not to forget. She tells him that her estranged father Hal came to see her at one of her meetings. She knows he could help their financial situation. D.L. says that if she wants to have Hal come over, he can come over.
  • New York. Nathan and Heidi are driving home on a deserted freeway. They're arguing about Peter. A van comes up and nudges them repeatedly. With no warning, the unbelted Nathan's levitation power kicks in and he floats out of the car. He watches helplessly as it crashes. He falls to the ground.
  • Peter Petrelli's apartment. Peter wakes up from a dream - he saw what happened to Nathan in it. The phone is ringing. Nathan is at the hospital. When Peter gets there Nathan tells him that Heidi hs been in surgery for 10 hours. Peter asks Nathan if he remembers the other car. Nathan is startled - he didn't tell anyone. Peter presses and asks Nathan if there was another car, like his dream told him. Nathan admits there was - it was some of Linderman's men. They heard Nathan was thinking of taking on the case against Linderman. Peter says that it won't stop at just that. Nathan blames himself, but Peter tells him that it isn't his fault, it's their father's fault. Nathan asks Peter to testify against their father. Peter agrees. A doctor summons Nathan and tells him the bad news.
  • Burnt Toast Diner. Hiro comes into work and shows Charlie the sports section of a Japanese paper - the Swallows defeated the Dragons. Charlie still isn't convinced Hiro has powers. He tells her that there's a Japanese tradition - if you make one thousand origami cranes, you will be granted a wish. Charlie looks up and the diner is instantly filled with paper cranes on strings. She's amazed. Hiro gives her a ticket to Japan and tells her that he doesn't care if she believes him, just take the trip. She agrees to go with him.
  • Chandra Suresh's apartment. Chandra is discouraged by Gabriel's tests. He's shown no signs of special abilities. He's starting to think that he was wrong about him. Gabriel is frustrated. Chandra thinks it's time to start investigating the other prospects, like Brian Davis, who has telekinesis. Gabriel is angry and leaves, but he steals Davis's address and phone number when he does. Mr. Bennet arrives outside Chandra's building just as Gabriel leaves.
  • Sanders-Hawkins house, Las Vegas. Hal is over at Niki's house meeting D.L. and Micah. He gives Micah a computer as a present for 10 years worth of birthdays. Hal tells Niki and D.L. that he's willing to fund the costs of getting Micah into private school. He goes to see what Micah is doing. He is angry when he discovers that Micah has already opened up the computer to look at the inside. He catches himself and tells Niki it was a mistake for him to come, he doesn't belong here. Hal gives Niki a check to make up for everything he's done wrong. Niki asks him what he did that was so bad that he can't be a part of her life. Hal realizes that she honestly doesn't remember.
  • Chandra Suresh's apartment. Chandra tells Mr. Bennet that Claire might have a unique genetic anomaly. He started his research because his own daughter Shanti died from a lethal genetic anomaly. Chandra tells Mr. Bennet that his daughter's destiny is to give home to mankind. Mr. Bennet says that he can't let Chandra meet Claire.
  • Hotel room, Las Vegas. Hal is reading "The Sirens of Titan" by Kurn Vonnegut when there's a knock at the door. It's Niki - Jessica is in control. Jessica tells him that she does remember. She isn't Niki, she's Jessica, the daughter Hal beat and choked to death. Niki doesn't remember, but she does. She protected Niki, she took every punch so Niki wouldn't have to. Jessica stuffs Hal's check back in his mouth and tells him he's going to go away and never come back.
  • Bennet house. Claire is practicing a cheerleading routine in front of the mirror. Mr. Bennet comes in with a bear from his trip to New York. Claire asks him if she's a bad person - she wants to be a cheerleader, but Jackie isn't very nice. Mr. Bennet tells her that it's what's on the inside that makes someone good or bad that counts, cheerleader or not. He wants to see the cut on her hand. She tells him it stopped hurting. She takes the bandage off and they both see that there is no trace of injury. Mr. Bennet says that the wound "healed up pretty nicely."
  • Parkman house. Matt is brooding over his failure to pass the detective test again. He catches a bit of her thoughts "You're my hero. Don't you know that?" Janice is supportive, but he's too full of disappointment in himself and shuts her out.
  • Peter Petrelli's apartment. Peter is dressed up and ready to give his deposition. Nathan shows up. He tells Peter that the deposition has been canceled. Their father died of a heart attack this morning. At least he didn't know that his sons were about to stab him in the back.
  • Burnt Toast Diner. Hiro asks Charlie to go with him to a Samurai film festival in Austin. Charlie tells him that he's made her very happy, but she doesn't let anyone get too close. She's got a blood clot in her brain that will kill her eventually. He tells her that he has to save her. She tells him that he already did. Before he came along she'd given up, but he brought more joy and happiness to her life then she could have thought possible. She tells him that she loves him. As they're about to kiss, Hiro unwittingly teleports back to Japan in the present. He tries hard, but can't go back to that moment.
  • Gray & Sons Watchmakers. Brian Davis comes in, he says that someone called him. Gabriel Gray introduces himself as Gabriel Sylar, taking the name from a watch he was working on. Davis demonstrates his telekinesis, and asks Sylar if he can make it stop. Sylar asks why he would want it to stop. Davis says he's worried he might hurt someone. Sylar looks at him and seems to see what's different about Davis. He says that he sees it so clearly now, Chandra was right, it is all in the brain. He grabs a heavy crystal while Davis's back is turned. He tells Davis not to worry, he can fix it. He hits Davis on the back of his head, killing him.
  • Primatech Paper. Mr. Bennet tells Eden that he's offering her a chance to start over and become a better person. If not, he can put her back where he found her and she'll probably be dead in a week. Eden is no longer resisting and asks him what he wants her to do. He tells her that there's a professor in New York - Dr. Suresh. He wants her to go there and get Claire Bennet's name off of the list he has.
  • Chandra Suresh's apartment. Sylar demonstrates his telekinesis for Chandra. He is amazed. He apologizes for doubting him. Sylar asks to work with him to find more people with abilities. They are the future.
  • Present Day, Burnt Toast Diner. Ando is still waiting. Hiro comes in. Ando is relieved and happy to see him. Hiro tells him that he failed. He couldn't save her, and he can't go back. He can't change the past, no matter how hard he wishes. He says that he loved her.
  • Mohinder Suresh Voice-over: "This list, these people... their future is written on their DNA. Just as the past, it seems, is written in stone. Was the die cast from the very beginning, or is it in our own hands to alter the course of destiny? Of all out abilities, it is free will that is our most unique. With it, we all have a tiny, but potent chance to deny fate. And only with it can we find out way back to being human."



  • How does Sylar take the powers of his victims?
  • Does Heidi know of Nathan's power?


  • Nathan isn't happy about his powers because they caused they accident that paralyzed his wife Heidi.
  • Jessica Sanders was the name of Niki's sister. Niki and Jessica were both abused by their alcoholic father, Hal, who choked Jessica in a drunken rage.
  • Mr. Bennet first got a clue of Claire's remarkable healing ability six months ago.
  • Sylar can steal the powers of his victims for himself.


  • How did Nathan float away if he was holding onto the steering wheel? Why would he let go when his car is getting rammed?

Arc Advancement


  • Hiro returns, telling Ando that he can't change the past.


  • Charlie's birthday is on April 24, which is when Hiro returned to the past.
  • Eden might be from Oklahoma City.



The Show

  • Continuity Conundrum: The scene of Hiro in the diner six months ago from Homecoming does not match the scene in this episode.
  • Missing in Action: Isaac, Simone and Mohinder did not appear in this episode.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • 1.21 Jiggawatts!: Hiro's line "Greato Scott!" after speaking with his past self is a reference to Dr. Emmet Brown's line from the Back to the Future trilogy.
  • I got me some Vonnegut: In his hotel room, Hal Sanders is reading Kurt Vonnegut's novel The Sirens of Titan. Appropriate for this episode and the show in general, the theme for the novel is that you are a slave to the future you are destined to create.

Memorable Moments

  • Nathan accidentally levitates out of his car, helplessly floating as he watches his car and wife crash.
  • Niki's "Jessica" personality confronts her father.
  • Charlie and Hiro are about to kiss, but tragically, Hiro is snapped back to the present.


  • Hiro: Greato Scott!
  • Hiro: Tomorrow, the swallow will slay the dragon.
  • Peter: There was another car, wasn't there. ... Nathan? Wasn't there?
    Nathan: Yeah. It was Linderman's guys.
  • Hal Sanders: You're only as sick as your secrets, Nicole.
  • Mr. Bennet: If you do figure this out, what happens then?
    Chandra: We can change the world, give people hope for the future. That is your daughter's destiny.
  • Hal: You do remember.
    Jessica: How could I forget?
    (Jessica grabs Hal and slams him into a cabinet. She lifts him with one hand.)
    Hal: Nicole...
    Jessica: Not Niki. It's me Daddy... Jessica. The daughter you threw beer bottles at. The daughter that you choked. The daughter that you killed.
    Hal: I didn't kill anyone.
    Jessica: No, it was an accident. And they left Niki with you to be your punching bag.
    Hal: I came back to apologize, Nicole.
    Jessica: Apologize? You don't apologize to Nicole, you apologize to me. Niki doesn't remember. But I do. Someone had to be there to protect her. I remember the smell of alcohol on your breath. I took every punch so Niki wouldn't have to.
  • Charlie: I don't let people get very close. I have a blood clot in my brain, inches away from an aneurysm. I'm dying.
    Hiro: But...I'm supposed to save you...
    Charlie: Oh, you did. Before you got here I decided to give up. But you have made me feel more alive and more full of joy then I could ever have imagined, Hiro. (in Japanese) I love you.
  • Sylar: You're broken...
    Brian Davis: What?
    Sylar: Chandra was right. It's so clear now, the pieces fitting together. It is in the brain.
    Brian: So you can help.
    Sylar: (getting a heavy crystal) Don't worry Brian, I can fix it. It's a biological imperative! (Sylar strikes Brian on the back of the head with the crystal)