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Hogan's Heroes/The Pizza Parlor

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The Pizza Parlor
Season 1, Episode 22
Airdate February 11, 1966
Production Number 5784-24
Written by Arthur Julian
Directed by Gene Reynolds
Produced by Edward H. Feldman
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The Great Impersonation
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The 43rd, a Moving Story
Hogan's HeroesSeason One
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The Pizza Parlor is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Hogan's Heroes.

Starring: Bob Crane (Col. Hogan)

Co-Starring: Werner Klemperer (Col. Klink)

and John Banner (Sgt. Schultz)

with Robert Clary (LeBeau), Richard Dawson (Newkirk), Ivan Dixon (Kinchloe), Larry Hovis (Carter)

Additional Cast: Hans Conried (Major Bonacelli), Ernest Sarracino (Mr. Garlotti), Harry Lauter (Submarine Captain), Jack Good (Captain Henderson), Joey Tata (Tony Garlotti), Elisa Ingram (ATS Sergeant), John Cedar (Langenscheidt), Bard Stevens (German Driver)


Plot Overview

An Italian Major Bonacelli is expected arrive at Stalog 13. The Major has no intention of going to Stalog 13. He tries to persuade his German driver to desert to Switzerland. The driver refuses, and when a sudden air attack comes, the driver runs from the car carrying Bonacelli. The bombing seems to have killed the driver. Bonacelli attempts to start the car, but before he can drive away, a guard from Stalog 13 shows up to escort Bonacelli to Stalog 13. While Bonacelli observes the goings on at Stalog 13, Hogan develops a plan to try to persuade the Italian major to join their side. The major has a weakness for pizza. He has not tasted pizza in a very long time. Hogan has LeBeau make the pizza after getting the recipe from London who in turn gets the recipe from Carlotte's Pizzaria from the owner, and father, of one of the prisoners. While the major is walking around the compound, he smells the aroma and goes to the barracks. Hogan and his men offer the major the pizza, and while he is eating, they talk him into joining their side. After considering it, the major decides to join the Allies as a double agent. The next day, as Bonacelli is talking to Klink, the driver, who wasn't killed, is driven into camp. Remembering Bonacelli wanted to desert to Switzerland, he tells Klink about the attempted desertion. Klink, believing the driver, has Bonacelli arrested and thrown into the cooler. This means trouble for Hogan. They have lost a valuable contact, and Bonacelli may lose his life. Hogan plans to lose neither. His plan is to not only save Bonacelli from execution, but to convince Klink that he is a loyal officer fighting for the Axis. The plan is to have a number of prisoners escape, and have Bonacelli recapture them singlehanded. They must first break Bonacelli out of the cooler, and then have Bonacelli march all of the escapees back into the camp. The plan worked. Bonacelli's reputation as a loyal officer is restored. He will work for the Allies as a double agent to feed the Allies information in the hopes of bringing the war to an early end.


Bonacelli's desire to desert to Switzerland is an example of those who desire not to fight, but to live out the war as civilians.

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Memorable Moments


  • Hogan: Does anybody know the words to Santa Luchia?