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Hunter/Blind Ambition

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Blind Ambition
Season 6, Episode 18
Airdate March 31, 1990
Production Number 5622
Written by Marvin Kupfer,
Mark Lisson
Directed by Michael Preece
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Final Confession
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Sudden Withdrawal
HunterSeason Six
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Blind Ambition is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of Hunter, and the one hundred twenty-seventh episode overall.


Guest Stars: Bruce Tuthill (Sergeant Greenberg), Danil Torppe (Detective David Shyer), Gammy Singer (Gloria), David Rees (Prison Guard), Saida Pagan (Newscaster), Kristopher Logan (Dean Haller), David Fresco (Ned Levy), Lisa Altamirano (Alejandra Ochoa), Nigel Gibbs (Sergeant), Harold Sylvester (Leon Cooley), John Beck (Michael Hayworth)


Plot Overview

Dee Dee is dating a Federal Judge.They have been seeing one another for some time.The relationship seems solid,in fact there is a potential for Marriage.The Judge Michael Hayworth is being considered to sit on the Supreme Court Bench.He receives the news,and tells Dee Dee.Michael plans a Vacation for the two of them.They head for the Judges House for him to pack,and leave.Before the Judge can do any packing he is grabbed inside his Home by a young Man name Leon Cooley.Dee Dee who has waited outside in the Car is concerned that Michael had'nt returned.She goes inside,and though Michael warns her to run,she has no time to react.Cooley knocks the Purse from her hand,and out falls her Gun.Cooley learns that she is a Police Officer,and proceeds to hold her hostage.He ties them both up.Cooley relays his purpose for holding them Hostage.It seems that his younger Brother had been arrested for Rape.The younger Cooley Brother proclaimed his innocense.Working to clear his Brother of the Rape charge,Leon had gone to Judge Hayworth because Leon believe that another Man who had committed a previous Rape is the real culprit.Leon's pleas to the Judge had been rejected.Also,an arresting Officer that was investigating the previous Rape,believes that the other Man was also the real culprit.He also had contacted the Judge but was ignored.Judge Hayworth denies that he received another calls from people claiming the younger Cooley Brother to be innocent,since the Judge often receives many calls from people claiming a loved one innocent.To find out for certain,Dee Dee talks the older Cooley Brother into letting her make several calls to check the information.He agrees,but warns her not to warn anybody she calls.Dee Dee makes the calls,and they all await.Meanwhile,Hunter is on another case,an begins to worry about Dee Dee when talking to her earlier about a witness(she deliberately gave him the wrong info on the witness)becomes suspicious,and visits the Judges Home.He rings the Door Bell first,and then knocks on the Door.Hunter begins to leave having not received an answer.He gets a hunch,and returns with Uniform Officers.While climbing inside the Judges House,Hunter alerts Leon,who holds Dee Dee as a shield.Hunter manages to shoot him,but not kill him,only wound him.The other Officer enter the House,and while Hunter unties the Judge.The telephone rings,it is the call Dee Dee has been waiting for.The information concerning Cooleys Brother is a shock to Dee Dee,so shocking that the relationship that has with Judge Michael Hayworth has just decenerated.She learns that everything that Leon Cooley said was true.The Judge did not care to check out the information on the younger Cooley Brother of his innocense.He only cared about being a Federal Judge.With this information,the now the younger,(and recently deceased)Brother's name will be cleared.Leon who will recover from his wounds will have to stand trial,but Dee Dee will help him in whatever way she can.


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