I Am Frankie

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I Am Frankie
Premiere preview
September 4, 2017
September 11, 2017
Creator Marcela Citterio
Network Nickelodeon
Style 30-minute teen sitcom
Company Paradiso Pictures,
Nickelodeon Latin America
Seasons 2
Episodes 41 + 1 special (through season 2)
Status Currently in limbo, has not yet been renewed or cancelled.
Origin USA

I Am Frankie, originally produced as Yo Soy Franky, is the story of "Frankie" an experimental android who navigates the perils and wonders of being a teenager. Frankie looks like any other girl, but functions like the newest computer: complete with Internet access, extensive memory and a hard disk. Frankie goes to school and no one but the members of her family know her secret. She adapts to the real world quite well, despite having no feelings or emotions, but all that changes when she begins to experience family life, make friends and have a boyfriend. Her biggest challenge will be to fall in-love without her operating system malfunctioning.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2
Alex Hook Frankie Gaines * *
Eliza *
Alex Hook Frankie Gaines * *
Uriel Baldesco Lucia Baxter * *
Armani Barrett Byron Patrick * *
Kristi Beckett Makayla * *
Kyson Facer Andrew LaPierre * *
Sophia Forest Jenny Gaines * *
Mohana Krishnan Tammy Gilroy * *
Jayce Mroz Robbie Turnbull * *
Nicole Alyse Nelson Dayton Reyes * *
Carson Rowland Cole Reyes * *
Todd Allen Durkin James Peters * *
Michael Laurino Will Gaines * *
Carrie Schroeder Sigourney Gaines * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 11, 2017 October 6, 2017 19 + 1
Season Two September 10, 2018 September 28, 2018 20


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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