Imaginary Mary/Season One

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Season One
Imaginary Mary
Season Premiere April 4, 2017
Season Finale May 30, 2017
Episode Count 9


Season One of Imaginary Mary premiered on April 4, 2017.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Adam F. Goldberg &
David Guarascio
Shawn Levy March 29, 2017
5.388M 1.4% 100
A fiercely independent career woman, Alice has her life turned upside-down when she meets Ben, a divorced father with three children, and soon falls head-over-heals for him. This triggers more upheaval when the imaginary friend she created as a child, Mary, suddenly reappears as she is nervous to meet Ben's kids for the first time.
2 2 The Mom Seal Sarah Haskins &
Emily Halpern
Shawn Levy April 4, 2017 3.451M 0.9% 101
When Ben asks Alice to help him with her first mom-like task to pick up Bunny from dance class, Mary quickly discovers the simplest parental tasks are fraught with difficulty. Afterwards, Ben is disappointed when Alice tells him she can't help with the kids anymore, but things change when Andy enlists Alice's help to overcome his fear of taking a driving test.
3 3 The Parent-y Trap Margee Magee Peter Lauer April 11, 2017 3.056M 0.8% 104
Andy considers auditioning for the school musical, and Alice gets really involved and learns the emotional highs and lows of being a parent. Meanwhile, Dora creates her own feminist musical when she doesn't like the underlying message of the show Andy is in.
4 4 Prom-Com Adam F. Goldberg &
David Guarascio &
Chris Bishop
Richie Keen April 18, 2017 3.153M 0.9% 108
Andy has a hard time finding a prom date while Dora keeps turning down a guy who persistently asks her to go. Since Alice never went to prom, she convinces Dora to go so she does not miss out. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to deal with kids growing up, even trying to scare away Dora's date.
5 5 In a World Where Worlds Collide Brian Gallivan Paul Murphy April 25, 2017 2.877M 0.8% 103
6 6 Alice the Mole David Guarascio Lev L. Spiro May 2, 2017 2.631M 0.7% 102
7 7 The Ex X Factor Daniel Libman &
Matthew Libman
David Katzenberg May 9, 2017 2.829M 0.9% 105
8 8 Last Dance with Mary Melody Derloshon &
Danielle Uhlarik
Fred Goss May 16, 2017 2.8M 0.8% 107
9 9 Sleep Over Adam F. Goldberg &
Chris Bishop
Luke Greenfield May 30, 2017 2.128M 0.5% 106