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Season Three
In the Dark
Season Premiere June 23, 2021
Season Finale October 6, 2021
Episode Count 13



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Season Four

Season Three of In the Dark premiered on June 23, 2021.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
27 1 Hanging by a Thread Corinne Kingsbury &
Yael Zinkow
Ryan McFaul June 23, 2021 422k 0.09%
With Nia dead and Josh aware of their involvement in the biggest case of his career, Murphy, Jess, Felix and Max are forced to make some life-changing decisions. Meanwhile, Officer Gene Clemens suspects something is awry within the department and forms an unlikely partnership with Josh.
28 2 I Know What You Did Last Night Corinne Kingsbury &
Yael Zinkow
Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Jr. June 30, 2021 402k 0.07%
Murphy, Jess, Felix and Max begin a long and arduous journey as they attempt to stay one step ahead of Josh and Clemens.
29 3 Somewhere Over the Border Ryan Knighton Ryan McFaul July 7, 2021 422k 0.07%
Murphy experiences being truly alone in an unfamiliar place and begins to realize how helpless she is without her friends.
Teleplay by Corinne Kingsbury & Yael Zinkow
30 4 Safe and Sound Yael Zinkow &
Malarie Howard
Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Jr. July 14, 2021 387k 0.09%
With Murphy still on the run, Josiah enlists Darnell to try and track her down.
31 5 Planes, Trains and Automobiles Corinne Kingsbury &
Anna Fisher
Annie Bradley July 21, 2021 391k 0.06%
Murphy reaches out to an unlikely source for help getting to Jess, but when Trey makes other plans, the whole thing blows up in their faces.
32 6 Arcade Fire Yael Zinkow &
Jason Pierre
Ingrid Jungermann August 11, 2021 305k 0.05%
Murphy's desperate attempt to save Jess lands her in deeper trouble. A disagreement between Gene and Josh is not without its consequences.
33 7 Pretty in Pink Jess Burkle Ingrid Jungermann August 18, 2021 414k 0.06%
Murphy, Felix and Max look to Josiah for answers about Jess. Gene makes a bold move.
34 8 Power Trip Corinne Kingsbury &
Yael Zinkow
Jeff Chan August 25, 2021 357k 0.05%
Things get awkward when Murphy and her friends ride out the storm together.
35 9 Excess Baggage Corinne Kingsbury &
Yael Zinkow
Clara Aranovich September 1, 2021 373k 0.07%
When Murphy starts to spin out, Felix takes matters into his own hands.
36 10 Home Run Corinne Kingsbury &
Yael Zinkow
Jeff Chan September 8, 2021 365k 0.07%
Feeling isolated and alone, Murphy seeks comfort in the familiar but sometimes things do change, and she is forced to fend for herself.
37 11 Match Point Yael Zinkow &
Annie Hayes
Clara Aranovich September 22, 2021 284k 0.04%
With the walls closing in, Murphy and Trey make a desperate move.
38 12 Do You Hear What I Hear? Yael Zinkow Steven Tsuchida September 29, 2021 283k 0.04%
As Murphy closes in on finding out what happened to Jess, Clemens and Josh move one step closer to finding Murphy.
39 13 Expectation Is the Root of All Heartache Corinne Kingsbury Steven Tsuchida October 6, 2021 347k 0.07%
Murphy finally learns the truth about what happened to Jess and it forces her to take a closer look at who she herself has become.

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