Ironside/Death by the Numbers

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Death by the Numbers
Season 5, Episode 19
Airdate January 27, 1972
Written by Francine Carroll
Directed by Don Weis
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And Then There Was One
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Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder
IronsideSeason Five

Guest Stars: Jacqueline Scott (Felice Evans), Burr DeBenning (Hank Logan), Marilyn Erskine (Mrs. Gordon)

Co-Starring: George Murdock (Jim Peters), Shelly Novack (Matt Newell), Gene Lyons (The Commissioner)

With: Bill Katt (Jimmy), James McCallion (Bartender), Michael Fox (Dr. Albert Gold), Bobby Bass (Mr. Gordon)


Plot Overview

After a couple of fatal 'accidents' claim members of the parole board, Ironside poses as the next possible victim.



The Show

Raymond Burr plays a dual role in this episode: in addition to playing Chief Ironside, he also plays Carleton Duffy, a grouchy old man who's a member of the parole board. Ironside poses as Duffy to catch the killer. Interestingly, Burr as Duffy looks exactly like Burr did in the Perry Mason movies of the late '80s and early '90s, with all grey hair and a grey beard.