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Premiere September 6, 1975
Finale October 23, 1976
Creator Russell Bates
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute superhero fantasy
Company Filmation Associates
Seasons 2
Episodes 22
Origin USA

Isis is a superhero fantasy that aired on CBS.

The Secrets of Isis (also called simply Isis) starred JoAnna Cameron as Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher who found an ancient mystical amulet on an archeological dig in Egypt. The amulet belonged to Hatshepsut, an ancient Egyptian Queen and it gave the wearer the powers of Isis. Whenever Isis was needed, Andrea would reveal the amulet and recite an incantation ("O Mighty Isis!") and she would be transformed into the goddess Isis.

The show co-starred Brian Cutler as Rick Mason, Joanna Pang as Cindy Lee and Albert Reed. In Season 2, Ronalda Douglas joined as Rennie Carol, replacing Cindy. Guest stars on the show included Mike Lookinland, Debralee Scott, Leigh McCloskey, Phil Bruns, Mark Lambert, Steven Paul, Thomas Carter, Colleen Camp, Johnny Doran, William Engesser, Laurette Spang, Tommy Norden, Russ Marin and Christopher Norris.

Three episodes of the series featured crossover appearances by Captain Marvel of the show's companion series, Shazam! and Cameron likewise appeared as Isis in three episodes of the other series. (As of 2007, however, only a single episode of Shazam! has been released to DVD in North America).

Most storylines involved Isis coming to the rescue of high school students who find themselves endangered due to unwise choices. A notable exception was the two-part series finale "Now You See It..." and "...Now You Don't," which had an espionage-related plotline, revealing that Rick Mason has been working secretly for the government on a weather-making machine. This same two-parter introduced a trio of crime-fighting teens dubbed "The Super-Sleuths," and according to the DVD notes, was intended as a backdoor pilot for a Super-Sleuths series that never materialized. It's not known whether this sudden change in direction from school-related plotlines to more traditional superhero adventures would have continued had production not been discontinued.

The Secrets of Isis often broke the fourth wall with Isis/Andrea winking at the camera or otherwise acknowledging the audience at pertinent moments. Each episode featured a closing segment with Isis directly addressing viewers to impart a moral lesson derived from the action of the day's episode.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
JoAnna Cameron Andrea Thomas (Isis) 1 2
Brian Cutler Rick Mason 1 2
Joanna Pang Cindy Lee 1
Ronalda Douglas Renee Carroll 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 6, 1975 December 13, 1975 15
Season Two September 11, 1976 October 23, 1976 7


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Complete Series
The Secret of Isis: The Complete Series July 24, 2007 3


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