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It - title-card.png
Airdate November 18, 1990 (part one)
November 20, 1990 (part two)
Teleplay by Lawrence D. Cohen and
Tommy Lee Wallace
Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Network ABC
Style 120-minute horror miniseries
Company Lorimar Productions,
DawnField Entertainment,
The Konigsberg & Sanitsky Company,
Greeb & Epstein Productions
Filming Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Origin USA

It (also known as Stephen King's It) is a horror miniseries that aired on ABC. It is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

Starring: Harry Anderson (Richie Tozier), Dennis Christopher (Eddie Kaspbrak), Richard Masur (Stanley Uris), Annette O'Toole (Beverly Marsh), Tim Reid (Mike Hanlon), John Ritter (Ben Hanscom)

and Richard Thomas (Bill Denbrough)

Special Appearance By Tim Curry (Pennywise)

Also Starring: Jonathan Brandis (Young Bill Denbrough), Brandon Crane (Young Ben Hanscom), Adam Faraizl (Young Eddie Kaspbrak), Seth Green (Young Richie Tozier), Ben Heller (Young Stanley Uris), Emily Perkins (Young Beverly Marsh), Marlon Taylor (Young Mike Hanlon)

Special Guest Stars: Olivia Hussey (Audra Denbrough), Michael Cole (Adult Henry Bowers)

Co-Starring: Sheila Moore (Mrs. Kaspbrak), Jarred Blancard (Henry Bowers), Florence Paterson (Mrs. Kersh), Jay Brazeau (Derry Cab Driver)

Featuring: Drum Garrett (Belch), Gabe Khouth (Patrick), Ryan Michael (Tom Rogan), Charles Siegel (Nat), Venus Terzo (Cyndi), Frank C. Turner (Al Marsh), Caitlin Hicks (Patti Uris), Tony Dakota (Georgie Denbrough), Steven Hilton (Mr. Denbrough), Sheelah Megill (Sharon Denbrough), Kim Kondrashoff (Joey), Noel Geer (Bradley), Chelan Simmons (Laurie Anne), Merrilyn Gann (Mrs. Winterbarger), William B. Davis (Mr. Gedreau), Susan Astley (Aunt Jean), Claire Brown (Arlene Hanscom), Garry Chalk (Coach), Terence Kelly (Officer Nell), Donna Peerless (Miss Douglas), Stephen Makaj (Ben's Father) Scott Swanson (Rademacher), Nicola Cavendish (Desk Clerk), Tom Heaton (Mr. Keene), Paul Batten (Pharmacist), Russell Roberts (Greco), Bill Croft (Koontz), Amos Hertzman (Chubby Kid), Boyd Norman (Gas Station Attendant), Helena Yea (Rose), Suzie Payne (Female Cabbie), Megan Leitch (Library Aide), Deva Neil De Podesta (Bum), Katherine Banwell (TV Announcer), Douglas Newell (Doctor)


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The Miniseries

  • While it originally aired as two halves, the DVD and BluRay versions have edited it into a film format with only one opening and closing sequence. This edit also cuts out the final shot of part one with the "to be continued..." card over Pennywise's laugh, as well as a scene of Bill arriving at the inn before leaving for the cemetery where this version picks up at. The original, unedited version is relegated to the VHS and laserdisc releases.

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Title Release Date #
It October 3, 2006 1


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