It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia/Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool

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Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool
Season 14, Episode 2
Airdate October 6, 2019
Production Number XIP014006
Written by Conor Galvin
Directed by Heath Cullens
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Dee Day
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaSeason Fourteen

Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool is the second episode of the fourteenth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the one hundred forty-sixth episode overall.

Starring: Charlie Day (Charlie Kelly), Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds), Rob McElhenney (Mac), Kaitlin Olson (Dee Reynolds)

and Danny DeVito (Frank Reynolds)

Guest Starring: Dolph Lundgren (Thundergun), Jessy Hodges (Moderator), Emily C. Chang (Dr. Ling), Carlin James (Max)

Co-Starring: Kirk Bovill (Colonel Washington), Alex Sanborn (Peasant Man), Katrina Braxton (Peasant Woman), Eric Kaldor (Old Peasant Man)


Plot Overview

The gang are selected to become a focus group for the latest Thundergun movie and they are eager to share their opinions.


Arc Advancement




  • The Thundergun franchise was introduced in the episode "Thunder Gun Express" where the gang tried to go see it, but, as Dennis points out, they didn't because Frank called in a bomb threat.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Dennis: Charlie, we're here to watch, analyse, critique, and then, most importantly, judge whatever film we're gonna be shown. Uh, these filmmakers - they need valuable input and we have been carefully selected to provide it.
Dee: We were walking out of the mall and they offered us Red Lobster gift cards.
  • Charlie: I'm just a little confused here, 'cause I can't follow this movie.
Moderator: The movie hasn't started yet.
  • Frank: Movies are different now. You lost a sense of community.
Moderator: Interesting. Go on.
Frank: Look, years ago, before the Internet, we would all go out to the movies together.
Moderator: Yes. This is exactly what studios are trying to bring back. A-An event. A place we can all go to enjoy as a community.
Frank: Yeah. I mean, it used to be you give the creep-show at the window a couple of bucks, you could spend all day in there popping off. And the joy of it was there were people popping off at the same time. I mean, not that you looked at each other. It was dark. You weren't looking for the gay thing. But it gave you a sense of something bigger than yourself. Now, they... you know, got rid of all these movie theatres. They're taking all the sex out of the movies. And what am I supposed to do? Go home, turn the lights off, and pop off in front of Charlie? No, thanks.
Moderator: I'm sorry. Are you talking about pornography theatres?
Frank: I'm talking about community, honey.