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Night Work
Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate October 24, 1984
Written by Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye
Directed by Jim Drake
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It's Your MoveSeason One

Night Work is the fourth episode of the first season of It's Your Move, and the fourth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Adam Sadowsky (Eli), Shara Blue (Stacey), Ed Lupinski (Messenger)


Plot Overview

Leaving for school one morning, Matt stops by to harass the building manager Mr. Donatelli as he scrubs graffiti off of the hallway wall. When Matt complains about Norman being noisy, Donatelli lets it slip that Norman had just gotten in ten minutes earlier. Matt is naturally curious to find out why and is soon banging on Norman's door to confront him. Norman tells Matt that he was working at night, but will not tell him where. To make it worse, knowing that Matt will be spying, Norman sneaks some garbage out into the hall enticing Matt to search through the rubbish, only to encounter a note that reads "Feeling Stupid?"

At school that day, Matt confides to Eli how much he wants to date a fellow student named Stacey Hall. She wants nothing to do with Matt as she only dates guys with their own cars and apartments. He then hatches the idea to use Norman's apartment while he is out working and hire a limo to pick up Stacy. With this, she reluctantly agrees to go on a date with him.

That night, the limo meets Matt at Stacey's house and when the driver steps out to get the door for them, they discover that it is Norman. Matt's face lights up at the prospect of abusing his 'employee' for the night. He takes delight in calling Norman to the back of the limo to pour them club sodas and show them the features of the car. However, the tide turns when Stacy mentions to Norman the apartment number where Matt 'lives'. Now it is Norman's turn to embarrass Matt and he climbs into the back seat with the kids.

Eventually after Matt begs Norman to allow him to use his apartment (and gives him a favorable review on his employee evaluation card), Norman gives him the go-ahead. When Matt and Stacey arrive at Norman's apartment, they find Matt's Mom and sister inside hanging Norman's curtains. Matt is even more embarrassed when a messenger arrives at the door with a note from the 'guy in the limo' which says "Feeling Stupid?"

Arc Advancement


  • Norman gets a job with a limo company. This job is never mentioned again in the series.


  • Matt gets a date with Stacy Hall. His crush on her would surface again in the next episode Pajama Party


  • Julie claims that her best friend is Angela, whom we met in the previous episode Dating Games


The Show

  • Norman's apartment is 406. The Burtons live in 407

Behind the Scenes

  • The wall that Mr. Donatelli is scrubbing reverberates back and forth like a movie screen as he scrubs it.

Memorable Moments

  • Mr. Donatelli is up early scrubbing graffiti in the hallway that reads "Donatelli has H". One can only speculate what the H stood for.
  • Knowing full well that Norman has just gone to bed, Matt loudly bangs on his door screaming "Open the door! Quick, c'mon! Hurry Hurry!" When Norman finally stumbles to the door, Matt pushes a breakfast cart through the door and says "hurry and start your day with a nutritious breakfast!"
  • Between each class throughout the day, a camera wipe shows us Matt trying to impress Stacy as she saunters by his locker. Eli has a different snack in each scene: a Twinkie, an ice cream cone, a candy bar, a sandwich, a donut, and a chicken leg.


  • Stacy: What do you want?
    Matt: World peace. End to all disease. And you and me in the blue lagoon.
  • Eli: So how are you going to get a car? Are you going to use Donatelli's?
    Matt: That heap? It's a vehicular equivalent of Donatelli himself.
  • Stacy: You have a soft side that most people don't see.
    Matt: Well, here's hoping you do too.


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