It Takes Two

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It Takes Two
Premiere March 31, 1969
Finale July 31, 1970
Host Vin Scully
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Ralph Andrews Productions
Episodes 362
Origin USA

It Takes Two was a game show airing on NBC's daytime roster.

The show pitted three celebrity couples in a game of statistics. A situation is presented with a question, such as "How much did Thomas Jefferson pay for the Louisiana Purchase?" or "How many cities in the world have a population of over 1 million?" Each spouse secretly writes down a response and then when called upon places that response in a card holder. A member of the studio audience is called upon to play at this point. That member must determine, by virtue of averaging each couples' response out to the nearest number, who is closest to the actual answer. If the audience member picks the right couple (upon the answer being revealed), he/she wins a prize. That audience member can participate for up to four questions or until he/she misses a question. If the audience member gets all four questions right, he/she wins a new car.

On occasion, the show would use an audience culled at a selected NBC affiliate. That chosen member would communicate by telephone and see the proceedings on a monitor transmitting the show.

It Takes Two ran one year on NBC. A pilot made for CBS in 1974 failed to sell. It returned under a new production company for a two-month run on the Family Channel in 1997.