It Takes a Thief (1968)/A Thief Is a Thief

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A Thief Is a Thief
pilot movie
Airdate January 9, 1968
Written by Roland Kibbee
Leslie Stevens
Directed by Leslie Stevens

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It Takes One to Know One
It Takes a Thief (1968)Season One

A Thief Is a Thief is the pilot movie of It Takes a Thief.

Starring: Senta Berger, John Saxon

Co-Starring: Susan Saint James, Michael Forest, Anita Eubank, Willi Koopman, Stuart Margolin, Donald Barry

With Special Guest Appearances by (alphabetically): Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Raymond Burr, Wally Cox, Les Crane, James Drury, Kurt Kasznar, Joe Louis, Doug McClure, Leslie Nielsen


Plot Overview

Master thief Alexander Mundy is paroled by SIA chief Noah Bain to steal a briefcase containing the secret to the murders of top U.S. agents.



The Show

The pilot movie was also called "Magnificent Thief".