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Ho Yeah!
King of the Hill - Ho Yeah.png
Season 5, Episode 13
Airdate February 25, 2001
Production Number 5ABE15
Written by Alex Gregory &
Peter Huyck
Directed by Tricia Garcia
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King of the HillSeason Five

Ho Yeah! is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of King of the Hill, and the ninety-seventh episode overall.

Starring: Mike Judge (Hank Hill, Boomhauer), Kathy Najimy (Peggy Hill), Pamela Segall Adlon (Bobby Hill), Brittany Murphy (Luanne Platter), Johnny Hardwick (Dale Gribble, Mike Soto), Stephen Root (Buck Strickland, Bill Dauterive, Donald)

and Toby Huss (Man in Car, Cotton Hill)

Also Starring: Ashley Gardner (Reverend Stroup, Mrs. Soto), David Herman (Miles Burton, Librarian), Dave Thomas (Lane Pratley)

Special Guest Voice: Bigg Snoop Dogg (Alabaster Jones)

Special Guest Voice: Renée Zellweger (Tammi Duvall)


Plot Overview

The Hills take Buck's new hire into their house while Peggy helps her get her GED, oblivious that she's a prostitute.


Stinger Quote

Hank: Alabaster!

Arc Advancement




  • Peggy tells Tammi that she looks a lot like Buck's last hire, an allusion to Debbie Grund, especially when she says she's now dead ("Hanky Panky", "High Anxiety").


The Show

  • The opening theme opens with the ringing dinner bell, traditionally used in the finales since Season 2.
  • The closing theme is done in a funky, blaxploitation style.
  • Even though it happened in Season 4, Hank says it took two years to get Luanne to move out of his den.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • Hank tries to shake Alabaster and slows at a traffic light, peeling out as it hits yellow. Initially relieved in thinking he's escaped Alabaster, Hank is genuinely surprised to see he's run the red light.


  • During Hank's recollection, we see Hank counting the money with the minivan still parked, but in the actual scene, by the minivan is almost out of shot by the time he's counting.


  • Hank: That new gal Buck hired? Well, long story short she's dumb as a charcoal briquette.
  • Hank: Peggy, this is our new customer service associate Tammi.
Peggy: You know, you look a lot like the last girl Buck hired. 'Course she's dead now.
  • Tammi Duvall: My mom and I haven't talked since I dropped out of school. Or maybe it was since I totalled her 'vette.
Peggy: Your mother drove a Corvette?
Tammi Duvall: Chevette.
  • Peggy: The Thai food was Tammi's idea. The notion of taking it out was mine.
Luanne: You know, someday I would like to travel to Thairabia and see those pyramids.
  • Tammi Duvall: Could I use the phone in your bedroom? It's long-distance, but I'll pay you back.
Peggy: "Could" you or "can" you? You may.
  • Peggy: Let's give her the den 'til she gets back on her feet.
Hank: Not my den. No way. It took me two years to get this one out of there.
Peggy: If Boomhauer got kicked out of his house, you would let him stay in the den.
Hank: Yes, but Boomhauer is a family friend. Plus, he's immaculate.
  • Dale: That Tammi's quite a dish. Frankly, though, I think my Nancy has a nicer can. Hank, do you think Nancy has a nicer can than Tammi's can? Huh? My wife's can vis-à-vis your wife's friend's can?
  • Tammi Duvall: How do my girls look, Hank?
Hank: Uh, I wouldn't know!
  • Hank: Poor kid. She's probably very lonely and it doesn't help that we're waving our happy marriage in her face all the time.
  • Peggy: She is gonna make someone a great wife. But it's gonna have to be someone who can hold her interest. Her dates never last more than an hour.
  • Tammi Duvall: Official GED Practice Tests. Do you really think I can pass?
Peggy: Oh, please. People who haven't even graduated from high school can do this.
  • Peggy: Now, here is the first book you're going to finish.
Tammi Duvall: Congo by Michael Crichton.
Peggy: Mm-hmm.
Tammi Duvall: This is the kind of book people read on planes.
  • Cotton: Them's the keys to my Cadillac car. Remember, under no circumstances is the wife allowed in my Cadillac car. Unless she's in a bag in the trunk.
  • Cotton: I hope you cleaned the bed liner in your truck. I don't want no dirt on Hitler's canoe.
  • Tammi Duvall: I think I would have remembered you.
Cotton: Don't be so sure, sweet cheeks. I've been known to give a girl amnesee.
  • Hank: Dad, please don't bring us back another Japanese skull. It's just gonna gather dust.
  • Alabaster Jones: Miss Tammi Duvall works for me. I am her manager.
Hank: Well, she works for me now. I'm her manager. Technically, assistant manager.
  • Hank: Tammi, you compromised the sanctity of my propane route. Now I have to look that pervert Lane Pratley in the eye and he thinks I'm a - a pimp!
Tammi Duvall: Dude, nobody thinks you're a pimp. But if you were a pimp, you'd be the coolest, nicest, most awesome pimp there ever was.
  • Tammi Duvall: Hank, don't. Alabaster's a little guy, but he'll mess you up.
Hank: No offence, but he's from Oklahoma.
  • Dale: Please, Hank, don't turn me out. I'm no good. Ask anyone. Ask my wife.
Hank: No, Dale, we're all going straight. From now on, the only woman I'm pimping is sweet lady propane and I'm tricking her out all over this town.