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I'm with Cupid
King of the Hill - I'm with Cupid.png
Season 6, Episode 6
Airdate February 10, 2002
Production Number 6ABE09
Written by John Altschuler &
Dave Krinsky
Directed by Allan Jacobsen
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Torch Song Hillogy
King of the HillSeason Six

I'm with Cupid is the sixth episode of the sixth season of King of the Hill, and the one hundred tenth episode overall.

Starring: Mike Judge (Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Dooley), Kathy Najimy (Peggy Hill), Pamela Segall Adlon (Bobby Hill), Brittany Murphy (credit only), Johnny Hardwick (Dale Gribble, Tug)

and Stephen Root (Bill Dauterive)

Also Starring: Angela Kinsey (Willa Harris), Breckin Meyer (Joseph Gribble), Eliza Schneider (Charisse), Tara Strong (Debby, Woman), Lauren Tom (Connie Souphanousinphone)


Plot Overview

Bobby is taking Valentine's Day well despite breaking up with Connie until he spends some time with Bill.


Stinger Quote

Bobby: I'm your little candy man.

Seen, But Not Heard


  • Sum 41 - "In Too Deep"

Arc Advancement



  • The amicable split between Bobby and Connie is ruffled after Bill causes Bobby to become worried about finding love again. It's only after seeing Boomhauer's pick-up tactics does he see how likely it will be.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • Hank and Peggy leave Bobby alone to call Willa Harris, only for it to be revealed that he's calling Connie. He rips open his shirt and rubs the chocolates from the candy box on his torso in the shape of a heart and presses it against the window across from Connie before she hangs up.


  • Boomhauer is seen approaching a dark-skinned woman in red before it fads to Hank and Peggy pulling up to the mall. The scene resumes with Boomhauer and more than a minute later when Hank and Peggy find Bobby, he is seen hitting on (and getting slapped by) the same woman in red.


  • Hank: Boy, Boomhauer's sure got a way with the ladies.
Dale: That poor bastard has to celebrate Valentine's Day a dozen times with a dozen women.
Bill: Yeah. Poor Boomhauer, runnin' around like a fool. I could just cry for him. I think I'll go do that.
  • Hank: Hey, you're all dressed up. You kids going to the dentist?
Joseph: Today's the Valentine's Day flower sale. If a girl likes you, she buys you a carnation. (scoffs) It's just a scam perpetrated by the floral industrial complex. Right, dad?
Dale: That's right, Joseph. But still, you don't want to look like some flowerless loser.
Bobby: What about me? Now that Connie and I broke up, I could end up like Joseph last year. No offence, Joseph.
Joseph: I don't want to end up like me last year, either.
  • Connie: Happy Black History Month! I'm just kidding. Happy Valentine's Day. But FYI, it is Black History Month.
  • Joseph: (giving Bobby back his carnation) Dude. You totally didn't have to do that for me and you totally did. You totally rock.
Dooley: That took courage.
  • Bill: At least if you're feeling full, you're feeling something.
  • Bill: No, don't feel sorry for me. Being alone's not all bad. You don't have to dress to impress. That frees up a lot of time, which I fill with sleeping because being awake is too depressing. But as a single guy yourself--
Bobby: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am not single. I'm available.
Bill: "Available." (chuckles) Whatever gets you through the day.
Bobby: No, really. You should've seen me at school today. I got so many flowers, I gave myself a nickname. Bobby Flowers.
Bill: I got flowers from a woman once. Turns out she was having one of those contests with her friends to see who could bring the most pathetic guy to a party. They called it a Pig Dance. We won.
Bobby: I don't think those girls are playing a trick on me. I mean, they were giggling a lot, but that's because I'm funny, right?
Bill: Stop right there. You could drive yourself crazy trying to figure out all the reasons women are laughing at you.
  • Bill: What are the odds of me finding another beautiful, classy lady passed out in my lap at a Molly Hatchet concert?
  • Bobby: What about this one? "Dear Bobby, I'll love you forever. Connie."
Bill: That was a lie. I had a letter just like that from Lenore. I had to destroy it before it destroyed me.
  • Peggy: The only thing you need to know about Bill Dauterive is to stay away from him. Everything that man touches turns to... Bill.
  • Bill: (seeing Bobby wheel out a garbage can) I gotta tell you, you're not gonna find happiness in there. I've tried.
  • Peggy: We should have given Bobby a pager. He might have become a drug dealer, but at least we would always know where he is.
  • Hank: Well, I guess Boomhauer's secret isn't in housewares.
Peggy: And it's not in the portrait studio. Although I did see a very ugly baby there.
  • Peggy: It is always the last place you look. Because after that, there's no reason to keep looking.