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Dinner Date with Death
Dinner Date with Death
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate October 3, 2005
Production Number 1AKT02
Written by Joshua Sternin
Jeffrey Ventimilia
Directed by Michael Spiller
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Kitchen ConfidentialSeason One

Dinner Date with Death is the third episode of the first season of Kitchen Confidential, and the third episode overall.

Special Guest Star: John Larroquette (Chef Gerard)

Guest Stars: Sam Pancake (Cameron), Ralph P. Martin (Hot Dog Vendor), Frank Alvarez (Ramon)

Co-Stars: Angelica Bridges (Mrs. Goldfarb), Joey A. Vieira (Dishwasher), Richard Molinare (Dr. Goldfarb), John Berg (Hot Dog Customer), Kerry Carney (Health-Conscious Patron #1), J. Richey Nash (Health-Conscious Patron #2), Bashir Salahuddin (Health-Conscious Patron #3), Alex Craig Mann (Health-Conscious Patron #4), Paige Scurti Sternin (Jealous Patron)


Plot Overview

Jack's mentor from culinary school, Chef Gerard, has come to Nolita with an unusal request: that Jack kill him with food. Doctors have told him that if he continues to eat like he has been, he will have another heart attack and it will kill him. Because of this revelation, Chef Gerard has frequented the restaurants of all of his former students and Nolita was the absolute best. With this prompt, the kitchen staff decides to start taking bets on when Chef Gerard will die and what course will kill him, leading to a competition to sway his life into the hands of the dish they said would finally do him in.

But, although the others see it as an honor to kill such a great Chef, Jack starts to have second thoughts about killing his hero. After holding back, Jack is confronted by Chef Gerald who knows that something is wrong. After their heart to heart, Jack's desire to please his former boss overwhelms his guilt for killing his former boss. But, ultimately, his guilt wins out. He attempts to save Gerard from himself like Suze saved him. Unfortunately, Gerard will hear nothing of it, he attempts to convince Jack that a short life of excess is more important than a long life of clean living. He dies after eating a hot dog from the cart outside.

Meanwhile, Jack and the staff feud with a hot dog vendor setting up shop outside of Nolita and Jim's attempts to fit in lead him straight to the blacklist of Ramon, one of the dishwashers.


Arc Advancement



  • Jim: Jim manages to insult Ramon, the dishwasher, and become his bitch. After having his eyebrows burnt off, Jack makes Steven (who makes Seth) deal with it. Seth deals with it by buying Jim from Ramon for the cost of a hot dog.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • The kitchen staff place bets on when and how Gerard will die.
  • Jack starts to drink the wine Gerard offered him but spits it back out when he sees Gerard fall over after eating a hot dog.



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