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Kitchen Confidential/Exile on Main Street

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Exile on Main Street
Exile on Main Street
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate September 19, 2005
Production Number 1AKT79
Written by David Hemingson
Directed by Darren Starr

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Kitchen ConfidentialSeason One

Exile on Main Street is the first episode of the first season of Kitchen Confidential, and the first episode overall.

Special Guest Star: Frank Langella (Pino)

Guest Stars: John Cho (Teddy Wu), Andrea Parker (Suze), Sam Pancake (Cameron), Tessie Santiago (Donna), Bitty Schram (Reese)

Co-Stars: Rob Adler (Singing Waiter), Mike Barker (Stockbroker #2), Meredith Roberts (Kira), Naleah Dey (Rachel), Phillipe Bergeron (Sergio), Sean Collier (Eight-Year-Old-Jack), Jernard Burks (Tyrone), Christopher Birt (Stockbroker #1)


Plot Overview

Fox Press Release: Celebrity chef Jack Bourdain, currently making pizzas at a chain restaurant, is offered an opportunity to become head chef of Nolita, a hip New York City restaurant. Pino, the owner of the establishment, has 300 reservations on the books and no food, crew or chef. He gives Jack the job and 48 hours to get it done. Jack raids other kitchens, bringing in an all-star team of chefs from his past. When a food critic Jack met during his wild days comes to Nolita, things have a horrible way of going wrong. Chaos ensues, but there is hope - the food critic gives Nolita a rave review


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Jack: Recipe for failure: Take one part natural talent, two parts stellar education, mix with easy success and a generous helping of booze, drugs and women and immediately set it on fire.


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