L.A. Law/Since I Fell for You

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Since I Fell for You
Season 5, Episode 22
Airdate May 16, 1991
Production Number 7L22
Written by David E. Kelley,
Patricia Green,
Alan Brennert
Directed by Win Phelps
Produced by Elodie Keene,
James C. Hart,
Robert Breech,
Alan Brennert
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L.A. LawSeason Five
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Since I Fell for You is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of L.A. Law, and the one hundred sixth episode overall.

Starring: Harry Hamlin (Michael Kuzak) (credit only), Susan Dey (Grace Van Owen), Corbin Bernsen (Arnie Becker), Jill Eikenberry (Ann Kelsey), Alan Rachins (Douglas Brackman, Jr.), Michele Greene (Abby Perkins), Jimmy Smits (Victor Sifuentes), Michael Tucker (Stuart Markowitz), Susan Ruttan (Roxanne Melman), Blair Underwood (Jonathan Rollins), Larry Drake (Benny Stulwicz) (credit only), Amanda Donohoe (C.J. Lamb), John Spencer (Tommy Mullaney), Cecil Hoffmann (A.D.A. Zoey Clemmons)

and Richard Dysart (Leland McKenzie)

Guest Starring: Denis Arndt (Jack Sollers), Stanley Kamel (Mark Gilliam), Tom Verica (Billy Castroverti), Elaine Kagan (Jeanette Walker), Kristina Coggins (Susan Raab), Milt Tarver (Richard Cashman), John Hancock (Judge Richard Armand), Macon McCalman (Judge Whitney Baldwin), Stanley Grover (Judge Richard Lobel), Mort Sertner (Judge Donald Tytell), Paul Comi (Detective Douglas French)

Co-Starring: Julia Vera (Margarita Sanchez), Michael Eristu Sams (Judge Armand's Clerk)

Featuring: Orin Kennedy (Reporter #1), Merry Lee Traum (Reporter #2), Fred Kronenberg (State Bar Clerk)


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  • Stuart Markowitz: Fine.
(Opening the door at the State Bar Hearing is Tommy Mullaney.)
Tommy Mullaney: How's it going?
Stuart Markowitz: Good, good, I think it went fine. I think we'll get off with just a slap.
Ann Kelsey: He's back there deciding.
Tommy Mullaney: Oh, I just came from Zoe's. We plead Corey out on 2 counts of voluntary juvie. So he'll be going to security camp with psychiatric help.
Stuart Markowitz: Thank God for that, huh?
(Opening the door at the State Bar Hearing is the Honorable Judge Donald Tytell presiding.)
State Bar Clerk: All Rise.
(Ann Kelsey and Stuart Markowitz rise.)
Judge Donald Tytell: All right, you may be seated.
(Three of them take a seat and listening to Judge Tytell's hearing and addressing to Ann Kelsey's wrongful doings.)
Judge Donald Tytell: Ms. Kelsey, I'm impressed with your unflinching sense of morality, the breaching of the privilege with Suzanne Hamil was admittedly arguable. But with Jeanette Walker, it was inexcusable. While I'm aware that our legal code of ethics sometimes runs in the face of human decency, lawyers can never be allowed to run in the face of that code. Given the severity of your violations, it is my decision that you hereby be suspended from the practice of law for a period of 3 months.
Stuart Markowitz: 3 months, are you nuts?
Ann Kelsey: Stuart.
Judge Donald Tytell: Who are you?
Stuart Markowitz: Stuart Markowitz, I'm her husband. As well as a member of the bar.
Judge Donald Tytell: I'll ask you to take your seat.
Stuart Markowitz: She did a moral thing, for God's sake.
Ann Kelsey: Stuart...
Judge Donald Tytell: Counsel...
Stuart Markowitz: You just suspended her for 3 months for having a conscience. You insult our entire profession.
Judge Donald Tytell: You can keep your wife company for the first week. You're suspended for 7 days.
Ann Kelsey: Objection!
Stuart Markowitz: You can't suspend me for that.
Judge Donald Tytell: I just did.
Stuart Markowitz: You self-righteous fat-ass Rotarian windbag.
Judge Donald Tytell: You hit a month at fat-ass. Windbag brought you to 5 weeks.
(Judge Tytell takes off his glasses)
Judge Donald Tytell: You want to keep going?
Tommy Mullaney: No, Your Honor, uh, 5 weeks is a nice round number. We will stop there. Let's all just have a lovely day.