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Where There's a Will
Season 7, Episode 14
Airdate February 25, 1993
Production Number 9L14
Written by Hugh O'Neill
Directed by Michael A. Schultz
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L.A. LawSeason Seven
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Where There's a Will is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of L.A. Law, and the one hundred forty-second episode overall.

Starring: Corbin Bernsen (Arnie Becker), Jill Eikenberry (Ann Kelsey), Alan Rachins (Douglas Brackman, Jr.), Michael Tucker (Stuart Markowitz), Susan Ruttan (Roxanne Melman), Blair Underwood (Jonathan Rollins), Larry Drake (Benny Stulwicz) (credit only), Sheila Kelley (Gwen Taylor), John Spencer (A.D.A. Tommy Mullaney), A Martinez (Daniel Morales), Lisa Zane (Melina Paros)

and Richard Dysart (Leland McKenzie)

Guest Starring: Anne Twomey (Linda Salerno), Samantha Eggar (Camille Bancroft), R.G. Armstrong (Frank Osgood), Lawrence Tierney (Peter Manzo), Steven Flynn (Anton D'Arcy), Richard Easton (Simon Bennett), Robert David Hall (Judge Myron Swaybill), Ann Marie Lee (D.D.A. Susan Jenkins), Don Amendolia (Peter Swilling), Tom Wright (D.A. Prentiss Scott), Robert Curtis-Brown (Paul Jameson), Jack Ritschel (Williard Bannion), Harvey Jason (Dr. Kaiser), Norman Snow (Jeremy Segal), Lauren Jones (Judge Debra Ellis), Erik Estrada (Himself), Dean Tarrolly (Officer Crenshaw), Janne Peters (Dr. Parker), Ned Hall (Officer #2)

Co-Starring: Billy Bastiani (Foreperson), B.T. Taylor (Bailiff #1), Joel Martin (Bailiff #2)


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  • (Gwen is entering to open the door in the file room, turn on the light and she's then going to grab the file. But suddenly hiding, behind Gwen, is the stalker, Linda Salerno, holding the knife in her hand.)
Linda Salerno: Hello, Gwen.
Gwen Taylor: Oh my God.
Linda Salerno: I was hoping we'd have time for a little chat. You've been awfully busy lately.
Gwen Taylor: What do you want, Alison?
Linda Salerno: What do you want, Gwen?
Gwen Taylor: I just want to be left alone.
Linda Salerno: Is that all? I think you want a little more than that. I think you want Daniel. I think you want Lucy. I think you want to be a big shot lawyer. I think you want all kinds of things.
Gwen Taylor: Okay. Assume I want those things, is that wrong?
Linda Salerno: It depends on how you go about getting them. Daniel used to be interested in me. He paid attention to me. He used to flirt with me. You can't just cut in front of someone.
Gwen Taylor: I'm sorry. I didn't know I had done that.
Linda Salerno: Yes, you did. You cut ahead of me. And now I'm gonna cut ahead of you.
(The stalker Linda Salerno begins to laugh.)
Gwen Taylor: Alison...
Linda Salerno: Did you get my little pun? That was funny.
Gwen Taylor: Yeah. I got it.
(That wasn't funny. Linda wipe the smirk off her face)
Linda Salerno: You never invited me over to your house.
Gwen Taylor: Let...let me make up for that right now. Let me invite you over. We'll get to know one another.
Linda Salerno: No, I don't want you looking at me as though I'm some case study in aberrational behavior. In fact, I don't want you looking at me at all. In fact...I'm gonna have to put your eyes out.
(Gwen heard the door opening is Officer Crenshaw holding the gun to stop the stalker with the knife.)
Officer Crenshaw: Drop the knife.
(Linda turned it's the Police Officer.)
Officer Crenshaw: I said drop it.
Linda Salerno: You'll have to kill me first.
(The stalker Linda Salerno with the knife was attempting to stab and murdered her victim Gwen Taylor. But Officer Crenshaw opened fire with the gun, shot the stalker, Linda Salerno, in the back, and killed her. The stalker fell on Gwen. Linda was pronounced dead. Gwen is unhurt.)
  • (The stalker Linda Salerno's body was wrapped in the body bag on the stretcher and was taken away by the Los Angeles coroners.)
Officer Crenshaw: We have everything we need. You two can go on home. Okay. Hey, Gwen.
(Gwen turned back and look at Officer Crenshaw.)
Officer Crenshaw: The thing that you've got to do now is forget that this ever happened.
Gwen Taylor: I don't know if I can.
(Officer Crenshaw have left and walked away. Gwen is now safe. And it's over. And she is ready to go home safely and was comfort with the help of Daniel.)
Daniel Morales: Come on, baby. Hey...let's go.
(The rest of the police continues the investigation. Daniel taking Gwen home. May God be with Gwen and Daniel.)