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Goodwin Stanhope
Actor Brett Cullen
First Appearance 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
Last Appearance 4x06 - The Other Woman
Show Status Series: Guest
Episode Count 4
Notable Episodes 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
4x06 - The Other Woman

Goodwin Stanhope was one of the Others. He lived with them at the barracks on the island. He is played by Brett Cullen and has appeared in four episodes to date.


Basic Information

Before Oceanic 815

Goodwin was married to Harper, who was the Others' resident therapist. He worked at the Tempest, an electrical station that powers the other DHARMA Initiative facilities on the island. In September of 2001, Juliet Burke, a fertility doctor, was brought to the island to work on finding a solution to the Others' problem of pregnant women dying on the island. Goodwin and Juliet met and had an instant connection. Eventually, they started having an affair. They became very much in love, but Harper became suspicious and followed them one day to where they met in secret. Harper confronted Juliet and informed her that she knew about the affair. She warned her to end her relationship with Goodwin or Ben might do something to hurt him. Goodwin and Juliet continued their affair in secret and after about a year, Goodwin insisted that he was tired of sneaking around and wanted to stop hiding their relationship. Juliet didn't think it was a good idea, and told him of her fears about Ben. Goodwin laughed it off, insisting that Ben couldn't possibly do anything to him and had more pressing concerns.

After Oceanic 815

The First 44 Days (Season 1)

On the day of the crash of Oceanic flight 815, Ben sent Goodwin and Ethan Rom out to the crash sites. Ethan was to go to the fuselage section and Goodwin was sent to the tail-section. Ben wanted them to blend in, not get involved and bring back lists of the survivors. But Ben had an ulterior motive in sending Goodwin out into the field. As Goodwin made his way to the beach where the tail-section crashed, he saw Bernard stuck in an airplane seat in a tree. Minutes after the other tail-section survivors made it out of the ocean and onto the beach, Goodwin ran out of the jungle, pretending to have also been on the plane, and called for assistance in helping Bernard. Ana-Lucia Cortez followed Goodwin to where Bernard was and helped him out of the tree.

On the first night, the information he provided to the Others resulted in several of the "good" people being taken. There was a raid on the beach that night and the Others took three of the survivors. However, a fourth survivor, Eko, put up a fight and used a rock to kill the two Others who were trying to take him. Ana Lucia realized that the three people were kidnapped by people who must have been on the island before them. She suggested they move away from the beach, but Nathan insisted they stay to keep the signal fire burning in case any rescue planes flew over. Goodwin agreed with Nathan and managed to keep the survivors on the beach.

He continued to help out around the camp, providing food for the survivors and gaining their trust more and more. Things settled down and Goodwin continued to secretly provide his people with information on the survivors. On the twelfth night, the Others raided the beach once again. This time they took nine people, including two children, Zack and Emma, who were stranded without their parents. During the raid Ana-Lucia killed one of the Others, a woman, and found a detailed list of all nine people who were taken. The list included their names and what they were wearing. Ana-Lucia insisted that they had to move away to avoid another attack, and Goodwin agreed, so as to not draw any suspicion to him. The group, consisting only of Goodwin, Ana-Lucia, Bernard, Eko, Nathan, Libby and Cindy, trekked into the jungle to look for a safer place.

By this time, Ana-Lucia was convinced that someone in their group was a spy and she was very suspicious of Nathan, who would sometimes disappear into the jungle for hours by himself. After walking for a few days, they found a spot by a stream and decided to make camp. The Others had already taken all the survivors that were on the list, but Goodwin was trying to convince Ben of Ana-Lucia's potential. He thought that she could be a great addition to their society. Even though Ben disagreed, he had Goodwin stay with the survivors so that he could have more time with Juliet and to increase the chances Goodwin's cover would be blown.

After a few days, Ana-Lucia knocked Nathan out and tossed him into a pit that she had been digging. She refused to let him out until he admitted that he was a spy and responsible for letting their fellow survivors get captured. Nathan denied the accusations, but Ana-Lucia refused to listen and the other survivors began having doubts about Nathan's innocence. Goodwin tried to get Ana-Lucia to free Nathan as they weren't savages, but Ana-Lucia was prepared to cut off Nathan's finger the following day if he didn't start talking. That night, Goodwin freed Nathan from the pit and told him to go back to the beach, but Goodwin broke Nathan's neck when his back was turned. He disposed of Nathan's body, letting the survivor's believe Nathan wasn't one of them and had simply escaped. Believing that Nathan would now tell his people where they were, Ana-Lucia decided to once again move the group to a new location.

After a few days of walking, the group discovered the the Arrow, an abandoned DHARMA Initiative station. Goodwin pretended to be just as surprised as the other survivors at the discovery, suggesting it was perhaps a storage facility. Inside the station, they found a two-way radio. Bernard wanted to try it out, but Goodwin took it from him and offered to take it to higher ground on his own to get a signal. Ana-Lucia, suspicious of Goodwin's intentions, insisted on going with him. As they walked, Ana-Lucia casually talked to him about their experiences with the Others. Goodwin suggested that the people taken the first night were picked because they were the strongest. Ana Lucia noted that Goodwin's clothes weren't wet the day of the crash when he appeared out of the jungle just moments after the crash. Goodwin knew his cover was blown and didn't bother covering up anymore. Ana-Luciaasked about Nathan and Goodwin told her Nathan wasn't a good person and wasn't on the list. When asked about the children, he told her that they were safe and better off now. A struggle ensued between the two and Goodwin ended up impaling himself on a sharp stick. His body was eventually discovered by Tom and Danny Pickett, who were tasked with tracking the tail-section survivors. They reported the find back to Ben, who took Juliet to see the body. Juliet realized that Ben knew it was becoming dangerous for Goodwin and kept him out there to kill him. Ben told Juliet that she belonged to him.

Episode Appearances

  1. 2x07 - The Other 48 Days
  2. 3x01 - A Tale of Two Cities
  3. 3x16 - One of Us
  4. 4x06 - The Other Woman

Character History

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