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Premiere pilot movie
May 22, 1977
September 12, 1977
Finale December 4, 1978
Creator Michael Zagor
Network/Provider ABC
Style 60-minute adventure drama
Company MGM Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 11 + pilot movie
Origin USA

Lucan is a drama that aired on ABC.

Lucan, was a show about a baby boy lost in the wilderness of Minnesota, USA. This child was found and raised to age ten by a she wolf as her own. The child grew up in the wild learning his own unique form of socialization. At age ten the wild child discovered by hunters was subsequently captured and taken to a university research center. At the research center this Wolf Boy was experimented upon while being taught basics of coping in so called human civilization.

The child raised by wolves started saying LUCAN upon hearing a doctor friends encouragement saying YOU CAN thinking this was his name so the doctor named him LUCAN. LUCAN grew into a fine well educated 20 year old man just as the research university made both he and the research project that supported him a hotbed of political infighting.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Kevin Brophy Lucan 1 2
Don Gordon Prentiss 1 2
John Randolph Dr. Hoagland 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 12, 1977 March 27, 1978 7
Season Two November 13, 1978 December 4, 1978 4


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